River and adidas present third jersey The team will wear it for the first time in Friday's Professional League match against Atlético Tucumán.

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The brand-new model takes inspiration from the memorable 90s and 00s designs: the iconic red sash against a black background, a fan-favorite and long-awaited color combination.

In addition, this jersey features a two-color v-collar (half white, half red), and the three stripes on the shoulders follow the same color combination. The kit also includes black shorts and socks that feature symmetrical details in red and white.

Under the slogan “De River de corazón” (Wholeheartedly supporting River), this launch completes the collection that started last year, with the current home and away jerseys. The campaign photoshoot featured female players Martina Del Trecco and Giuliana González, and male players Ignacio Fernández and Emanuel Mammana.

The player version jersey is made with adidas' HEAT.RDY technology, designed to offer the players an excellent level of comfort and performance during the match. The AERO READY version of the jersey, fully manufactured in Argentina, provides the necessary comfort thanks to its moisture-absorbing technology. Both jerseys are made with 100% recycled materials.

The new jersey is up for sale as of today, on Tienda River and at the adidas store inside the River Plate Museum. It will also be available soon at authorized retailers.