Remodeling and improvement work at the Monumental Stadium Detailed information on the work carried out in the last few months at the Monumental Stadium can be found below.

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All these improvements are part of the major work being carried out at the Monumental Stadium, both in the playing field and in the rest of the facilities.

New toilets throughout the Monumental Stadium As a continuation of the plan through which the toilets at the Belgrano and Centenario grandstands (lower, medium, and upper tiers) were renovated, all the toilets at the Sívori and San Martín grandstands are also being entirely renovated at this stage of the construction work. Furthermore, the San Martín lower/medium tier will have a new women’s toilet, given that the only one available in that seating area was small. The construction work comprises: -New porcelain flooring to replace the old brick floor. -New ceramic wall tiles with stainless steel details. -New state-of-the-art faucets. -Thermo-fusion pipes to replace all the cast iron pipe sections. -New doors and door frames in each box. -Roof reconditioning, paint and 100% LED lighting with galvanized piping.

New food stalls at the lower grandstands Making the most of old storerooms and unused spaces, two roofed food stalls are being built at the Centenario, Sívori and Belgrano grandstands to replace the old counters that were below the stairs, out in the open, blocking the fans’ way.

Wi-Fi in all grandstands The Club set up a Wi-Fi network connection throughout the Monumental Stadium. Thus, the thousands of fans who go to every match will be able to use this service in each and every grandstand and it will be available for every single spectator. The equipment’s physical setup was carried out at the Stadium’s access points, the grandstands, the box corridors, the car park, the River Museum, the cafeteria, and the micro stadium.

Remodeling the upper Centenario grandstand to improve visibility The wire fences were taken down and the eaves of the grandstand were removed. Thanks to these works, the area will be similar to the upper Sívori grandstand, which is at the other end of the stadium. Those who watch the matches from the upper Centenario grandstand

will have a better experience, with a clearer picture of the playing field and without obstacles.

Improvements in the seating area for wheelchair users The works were carried out in the medium and lower Belgrano grandstands, improving accessibility for fans who attend matches at the Monumental Stadium. The sector was remodeled and improved in several ways: first, the uneven and worn-down asphalt pavement was demolished and removed. Then, the corridors and lower bleachers were made waterproof (layer beneath the pavement). Thus, leaks will also be prevented in the stadium’s inner ring and in the classrooms which belong to the School Area. Apart from that, the Stadium’s original concrete structure is protected. Finally, a new pathway was built with lightweight concrete and given a smooth and non-slip finish to increase the comfort and safety of wheelchair users who attend the matches.