Closer and closer: current state of the construction work The construction of the best playing field in the country and in South America is progressing. In this stage, the Club employed an innovative technique to plant grass on the field.

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River Plate is still working on the Monumental Stadium renovation project. After performing the initial works, the Club employed the “row planting” technique to install the grass.

To carry out this method, clean stolons of a ripe crop were harvested and planted on the Monumental Stadium's playing field. Its main advantage is that the grass grows fast, and it can quickly cover the field.

Thus, with proper care and watering, the full coverage of the playing field will be achieved in a few weeks.

It is worth highlighting that the irrigation system has 35 independently controlled sprinklers with a steel stem, covering 100% of the hybrid pitch. By means of a state-of-the-art program and a flexible system with variable-speed pumps, it will be possible to use as many sprinklers as necessary, all at the same time. It will be possible to monitor the network-enabled system remotely and check all watering sessions, the amount of water used and fault detection, among other things. It will also be possible to control the pH of the irrigation water. These works on the playing field are part of the general works performed on the stadium, with an investment amounting to about 200 million Argentine pesos.

Furthermore, renovations have also been carried out so that all visitors to the Monumental Stadium can access Wi-Fi. In the future, in the second stage of the project, the stadium will be able to seat more than 80,000 people.