The Night of the Museums, a success at River The Club’s Museum took part of this traditional evening on October 29th and it got a record number of guests.

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The River Museum has been participating in the Night of the Museums, and this edition was no exception. On the evening of Saturday the 29th of October, the fans and guests had a very emotional time and got to visit the facilities and enjoy the attractions.

Thanks to the passionthat El Millonario generates, that evening the Club received 8794 guests, which was a record. The visitors entered in groups, and the authorities of the Museum gave priority to people with disabilities and to the elders, who did not have to wait in line to enter.

In addition, the first people to enter to the Museum were very excited since they had been waiting in line since 2 pm. What is more, many fans couldn’t help to break into tears when they saw from a short distance the spectacular attractions of the River Museum.

Moreover, the Culture Department of the Club organized a singing and dancing show as well as a ceramics exhibition.

The River Museum Department, the River Museum staff and the volunteers that worked for The Night of the Museums of the City of Buenos Aires carried out this great work.