Demichelis visited the rooming house and the Museum The former defense went around the installations of the Museum and offered a talk for the players who live in the Club’s rooming house.

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The idea came from Martín Demichelis himself, who asked to visit the players of the lower divisions in the rooming house of the Monumental Stadium and shared his experiences related to football, since he made his debut with River’s shirt to the different European teams he was part of and his participation in the Argentinean National Team.

Demichelis went all over the installations of the River Museum, where he could appreciate the immense historical archive and relics shown there. Rodrigo Daskal (Head of the Museum and Trophies Area) was the guide and provided full details of all the sections that hundreds of visitors go around daily.

Together with Fernando Guarini (President of Amateur Football), the former defense visited the Club’s rooming house and talked with the boys who live there, where he shared all his experiences.