“Football has to join us” River Museum was the stage where, together with the Holocaust Museum, the exhibition "No fue un juego", which presents stories about football during Nazism and the Holocaust, was inaugurated.

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A hard, but necessary exhibition was inaugurated this afternoon in River Museum. With the presence of the President of Club Atlético River Plate, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, the President of the Holocaust Museum, Marcelo Mindlin, and the representatives of the embassies of Germany, Austria, Israel and Poland, the exhibition “No fue un juego” (“It was not a game”), which portrays part of the relation between Nazism and football, was presented. 

“No fue un juego” is an exhibition created by Leonardo Albajari, a young sports journalist interested in revealing the other side of football in unhappy times. Together with a team of researchers, Albajari devised an exhibition that goes over 11 stories, that include from the Third Reich’s favorite football team to the story of Emérico Hirschl, a famous coach of River Plate, whose dedicated humanitarian work is now known. 

D'Onofrio highlighted the importance of keeping memory alive so that events of this type do not happen again and, it was in part for this reason, that the authorities of the River Museum decided to provide a space for this exhibition to be presented and opened to the public. 

The itinerant exhibition will be part of River Museum from March 21 until May 15.