Stefano Di Carlo, River’s new Second Vice President On Thursday, October 11th, during a board meeting, the member was appointed to the position previously held by Guillermo Cascio, who passed away on September 22nd.

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Stefano Di Carlo is part of the Board of Directors and has also been the Head of the Department of Communication, Media and Digital Media for five years. Furthermore, since February, he has been in charge of the Club's Education Division, serving as legal representative of River Plate Institute's three study levels and River Plate Tertiary Studies Centre. He is also a member of River Plate University Institute's Board of Directors.

This surname has a long and successful career in River's history: Ángel, his great-grandfather, was the Assistant Secretary during Antonio Liberti's tenure; while his grandfather, Osvaldo (Titi, for everyone in River), was both the Club’s Vice President and the President of the Football Council between 1983 and 1989, as well as the Club's President in 1989.