River Was Acknowledged As Champion of the FIFA Club World Cup For The Title Won In 1986 FIFA accepted a proposition by CONMEBOL and acknowledged the winners of the Intercontinental Cup as winners of the FIFA Club World Cup.

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In 1986, El Millonario won the Intercontinental Cup when it defeated Steaua from Bucharest by 1-0 in Tokyo with a goal by Antonio Alzamendi. This Friday 27th of October, FIFA accepted a proposition made by CONMEBOL and acknowledged the winners of that competition between 1960 and 2004 as winners of the FIFA Club World Cup.

This acknowledgment occurred at the FIFA Council meeting in India at the FIFA U-17 World Cup. Alejandro Domínguez, President of CONMEBOL, said: ‘At this new CONMEBOL, we have set as a goal to make justice for South American football beyond the judicial aspect. Today we see the results of our effort with this fair acknowledgment that FIFA makes to the South American and European clubs that won the Intercontinental Cup and were traditionally considered world champions’.
Domínguez continued: ‘On behalf of the CONMEBOL we congratulate the directors, the coaches and the players of the clubs acknowledged today, all their fans and especially the sportsmen that played at the winning teams and lead the way of South American football in the history of this sport’.