Inauguration Of The “River-Hurlingham” Child And Youth Facilities This Wednesday 31st of January River presented the new facilities where the Younger Divisions will practice.

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The Club set in motion the Child and Youth Project with the aim to integrate soccer so that, in the future, the professional team would be conformed mainly by players from the younger divisions. For that, the Reserve, Fourth and Fifth Divisions started training at River Camp together with the First Division.

Within the project, this Wednesday 31st River inaugurated the “Polideportivo Municipal de Hurlingham”, where the younger division players of the Club will train during the week.

The President, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, together with Jorge Brito, 1st Vice-president, Ignacio Villarroel, Secretary, Marcelo Gallardo, Coach, Gustavo Grossi, Director of the Child and Youth Project, Enzo Francescoli, Technical Secretary, Juan Zabaleta, Mayor of Hurlingham and members of the Club’s Board of Directors attended the event.

The facilities have seven official soccer fields with perimeter fence and substitutes’ bench. From those fields, five will be for exclusive use of River, and the other two will be shared with the town.

In this way, the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Divisions will train here from Monday through Friday in the mornings, while the Children Categories (2005 to 2013) will train during the afternoons from Tuesday to Friday. Meanwhile, the matches are still going to be played at River Camp in Ezeiza.

These facilities have an administrative office. At Club Hurling, right in front, are the locker rooms, gym, props room, medical room, dinning room, video room and the coaching staff offices. There are also two synthetic grass fields to use if it rains.

In addition, there are other objectives to this initiative: for River and Hurlingham to carry out activities together, to train the coaching staffs of local clubs, to collaborate with sports elements for different activities, to promote sports with the City Hall for children with special abilities, to use the facility as a learning center and to form River talents.