Electoral Lists for The Elections In December This Wednesday, November 8th was the deadline for presenting the electoral lists, and the candidates were defined for the elections of Sunday, December 3rd.

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During this Wednesday, November 8th, the electoral lists for these elections were presented. They will be held at the Monumental Stadium on Sunday, December 3rd, where the new management will be defined.

On behalf of current administration, River Plate’s President, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, will run for a second term together with Jorge Brito, current 1st. Vice-President, and Guillermo Cascio, current Secretary.

In addition, ‘Primero River’ (River First) presented Antonio Caselli, Juan Pablo Armendariz and Luis Belli Príncipe.

‘River de Todos’ (River For All) presented Leonardo Barujel, Carlos Ávila and Orlando Di Pino. Finally, Carlos Trillo runs with Sergio Oñate and Elda Ferrario for the list ‘Vamos con Trillo’ (Let’s Go With Trillo).

These were the electoral lists presented, and these are the candidates will run for office next December 3rd. During this week, River’s members can check online the electoral register for the next presidential elections.