D'Onofrio, present in an act to reaffirm Ana Frank’s legacy The President of River participated this Friday, October 27 in the event that took place in the Centro Ana Frank Argentina

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By: 27/10/2017 10:32:22

This Friday, October 27, in the Ana Frank Center Argentina, there took place an act to reaffirm and remember her figure, as well as her legacy, in order to continue working for a more tolerant and diverse world.

Renown authorities shared words to value the Jewish girl who had to remain hidden for more than two years, not only as an emblematic figure for education and memory of the Holocaust, but also in the building of diversity.

Rodolfo D'Onofrio, President of River Plate, was present and said: “We must constantly remember what happened. It is not worth only remembering what the Holocaust meant, one of the most terrible events in history, but we must also bare in mind that those who work in the football industry must do exactly the opposite to what happened with Lazio. We must give and transmit values, this is fundamental.” Furthermore, D'Onofrio expressed his intention to receive the itinerant exhibitions of the Ana Frank Center to contribute to the building of respect and coexistence.

Besides River’s maximum authority, there were also present Diego Santilli (Deputy Governor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), Matías Lammens (President of San Lorenzo), Teresa Castaldo (Italy’s Ambassador in Buenos Aires), Héctor Shalom (Director of the Ana Frank Center), Jürgen Christian Mertens (Germany’s Ambassador in Buenos Aires), Martin de la Beij (Ambassador of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires), Claudio Presman (Auditor of INADI) and Dr. Sergio Torres (Federal Judge), among other important authorities.