D’Onofrio Said: “We Did Great At These Elections” River’s President was very proud of the results of the elections held this past Sunday, and praised the Club’s members: “They got involved and came to vote”.

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Rodolfo D’Onofrio, surrounded by his Directors, spoke before members present in the central hall. Then, he went to the Salón de Honor and held a press conference.

“I wanted to come before the final count was over because they have to make a recount. We have no doubt that we did great at these elections. Moreover, an incredible amount of members came to vote. There were more voters than in the past elections four years ago, when we did not know who would win. They got involved and came to vote”, said the President of The Greatest.

Then, he added: “When we saw these numbers, we felt a great and amazing committment from the members who came today. This told us that they are very satisfied with our performance, but that they want more. And we are committed to that and much more.”

D’Onofrio acknowledged: “During this time, we won many cups, and that generated certain envy, which is very normal. It is evident, because the first time we made a mistake, they almost wanted to kill us, but they cannot do that. Then some people tried to put obstacles to our work, but the members said: ‘not with River, this is the greatest Club, and that cannot happen”.

“I wanted to tell you how happy we are that River’s members trusted in us once again after voting for four candidates. The attendance was outstanding when there was no match. I am very glad with the amount of votes we had. Many people came to the Club with their children for the first time. The committment to be the President of the Greates Club in the world is enormous”, the President said.

Regarding this first term of office, he commented: “It is the price for four years in the Presidency, when we received a club that was almost bankrupt. We won nine titles, we showed to the world that soccer can be transparent and honest, that we can walk with pride, and this and other clubs respect us. We have more identity than ever. River is a supportive club, it helps many vulnerable people and its sports compete at the highest level”.

Then, he ended saying: “I do not know how many championships we may win, but nobody will change our morality, our ethics, our behavior and our work with children and young people. We already have a project with Gallardo, a concrete project for soccer. At River, second terms may not have been very good, but we will change that.”

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