A Visit From Ferencvárosi From Hungary To River Members of the Hungarian club were in Buenos Aires and met with Rodolfo D’Onofrio at the Monumental Stadium.

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Attila Barzeviczi (President of the Board of Directors) and former player Vladan Cukic (Head of Scouting) visited the Monumental Stadium representing Ferencvárosi TC.

They met with Rodolfo D’Onofrio at the presidential office and then toured the club and the field at the Monumental. The purpose of the meeting was to establish relationships between the two clubs and to explore possibilities of joint works at the different areas of both clubs.

At the meeting, they exchanged jerseys, and the Hungarian visitors took home the book ‘La otra mirada’. Ignacio Villarroel (Chairperson) and Matías Baretta (Brand Manager) were also present.