Visits from India and China to El Monumental On Tuesday, October 16th, representatives of these countries visited the Club for a series of meetings.

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China’s entire hockey5s team (bronze medallists at the YOG), including the coaching staff and fitness coaches, together with members of the Olympic Committee, visited the Monumental Stadium for the first time, guided by Daniel Fidalgo (River’s Sporting Director) and accompanied by Adrián Varela (International Relations).

After a formal meeting, during which they were introduced to the Club as a whole and to all the possibilities of exchanging knowledge about both football and other sports, they watched an Ángel Labruna Football School training session.

The Delegation members were Wang Liwei (Minister of Youth of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Director General of the State General Sports Administration’s Youth Affairs Department), Wei Daishun (Vice Minister of the Chinese Olympic Committee’s External Affairs Department and Deputy Director General of the State General Sports Administration's External Affairs Department) and Jia Ning (Director General of the Chinese Olympic Committee’s Youth Affairs Training Department and Director General of the State General Sports Administration’s Youth Affairs Department.) The Delegation came with Ana Chen, a leading Chinese community figure in Argentina.

On the other hand, Reliance Sports representatives visited the facilities with the intention of creating a bond between Argentine football and India’s football league. Reliance Industries is active in the energy sector but five years ago they bought the league to make it grow and help society.

Sundar Raman, CEO of Reliance Sports, and Jalaj Dani, Director, were accompanied by Chancery members. They toured the Stadium and were given River’s official jerseys. Adrián Varela, Santiago Poblet (Public Relations) and members of River International were also present.