River received a visit from an important Chinese company On Friday morning, the Club received a visit from Kweichow Moutai, a Chinese liquor company led by Li Baofang, Party Committee Secretary, President and CEO.

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Moutai is a sorghum-based liquor made in the Guizhou province, in southwest China, and it’s considered a star product in Chinese culture given that it is a luxury drink, used to entertain guests and/or to close a business deal. The brand Moutai is renowned all over the world, not only for this product, but also for being a bearer of Chinese culture.

Currently, its President and his delegation are touring South America with the aim of launching a large-scale marketing campaign in the region.

As part of this tour, they visited the Monumental Stadium and were received by Rodolfo D’Onofrio (President) and Jorge Brito (1st Vice-president), who were accompanied by Adrián Varela (President of International Relations) and Santiago Poblet (President of Public Relations).

Together with the Institution’s highest authorities, they toured the River Plate Museum. Later on, at the Paddock (hospitality area) in the inner ring-shaped corridor, they learned about the Club’s sport and institutional life, as well as its Marketing area. The day finished with a series of photos taken at the stadium and they were given a River Plate jersey as a souvenir.