River won the Argentina Cup of Futsal El Millonario beat Independiente 1-0 in the final and, the same as the professional football squad did a week ago, it became the champion of the tournament that gathers teams all over the country.

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It’s The Greatest of all: its history says so and 2016, loaded with achievements in different sports, reaffirms it. River, that a week ago had established itself as football champion after beating Rosario Central, raised this Thursday a new Argentina Cup, this time thanks to the First Division of futsal.

In the final of the tournament, Alejandro Pérez’s team won by 1-0 in the match against Independiente and sparked off the celebration of the huge amount of fans that encouraged it in the “Jorge Camba” sports center of Avellaneda, among whom were the President Rodolfo D’Onofrio and different members of the Managing Board.

Emotions aroused soon, since only two minutes away from the start of the first phase, after a long-ball from Javier López that ended on Ramiro Martínez Dios’ chest, the ball went to Nicolás Rolón to score the millonario goal.

Within 14 minutes of the game, Santiago Ramos was sent off due to two yellow cards and things became hard for River, that still continued to win by the minimum difference.

In the second half, based on a hardened defense and its great goal-keeper, the team could keep up the result, even though in the final minutes it dared to attack further and try to widen the advantage.

Within 12 minutes, Independiente lost Hiza after shirt-tugging Romero, and two minutes later the sixth foul occurred after an offense to López, kicked by Caviglia that hit the goal post defended by Leonel Chillemi, who was also a key member in the attack.

Finally, the whistle was blown to unleash the joy and relief of all those present who joined in a hug to celebrate this important achievement in the discipline.

Thus, River amazingly closed a campaign that included several unforgettable moments: eliminating Boca on penalties, after having recovered from a 0-2, the epic match of the quarter finals against Villa La Ñata, with two goals in the last seconds of the game, and the wide margin of 6-1 against Jorge Newbery in the semifinal.

Now, Pérez’s team, that is not satisfied and goes for more glory, will have a new challenge: it will measure against Kimberley, champion of the AFA tournament, in the Superfinal for a place in the Copa Libertadores 2017, date and time to be confirmed.