River reaffirms its commitment to professional women's football With 20 new contracts for its First Division female players, the Club continues working towards achieving greater gender equality in all areas.

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A year after the historic day which inaugurated the era of professional women’s football in River, the Club is still promoting the activity’s development and reinforcing its commitment to gender equality in both the sports and the institutional areas.

For the 2020-2021 season, a total of 20 female players have already signed their contract with River, two more than the ones which had been signed in 2019 and 12 more than the minimum number required by the AFA to take part in its tournaments.

Jorge Brito, River Plate’s 1st Vice-president, said as follows: “We are very pleased to have signed these 20 women's football contracts, it is an important commitment that we have made last year and River is a pioneer in this sport, because we are one of the few clubs which have Youth Divisions. As for all the Club’s activities, we firmly bet on the youth project, River’s breeding ground has always been very valuable to us and we want to stay on that path”. "We are proud of renewing this relationship with the female players, we know the quality of their performance and all the effort they put into it, that’s why we support them. He added: They know they wear the jersey of the Greatest Club and the level of demand and responsibility that entails”. Currently, more than 100 female players are part of the Youth Divisions in the following categories: Reserve Division, U-16, U-14 and U-12. According to Gabriela Cenóz, Secretary of River’s Women’s Football Committee, “it is a comprehensive and long-term project, with an enormous Youth Division structure which, apart from the fact that many of our female players are part of the youth national teams, allows us to think about a forward-looking projection. We are happy for all the progress we have made thanks to the support of the Club’s authorities, we see how women’s football is growing everywhere but, in River, it has grown massively.” For their part, the players have also shown their satisfaction with the new step forward that River’s women’s football is taking. Florencia Chiribelo, goalkeeper and team captain, considers that “the fact that River continues supporting the activity and signing players, in spite of the economic context we’re in, is a source of joy for all of us and, at the same time, is a great responsibility due to the rights and obligations that professional football entails. The growth of our sport depends on the clubs’ and the players’ work. River is walking that path and we appreciate it a lot.” Finally, the forward Lucía Martelli expressed how proud she feels regarding what we’ll be her second season wearing the red stripe: “It’s a difficult time for everyone, River continues

supporting us, that’s why today I’m very grateful and lucky to have found my place in this Club. The first professional women’s football tournament in history was a very exciting experience for all female players in Argentina. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented the season from ending, but, at the same time, it’s a great source of energy and motivation to face what’s coming. That’ll make us appreciate each training session and each match in a different way, whenever we return to the playing field and, of course, that enthusiasm will show in the quality of the performance.”