On a historic day, River presented its first professional women’s football team On Wednesday, July 17th, at the Monumental stadium’s auditorium, the Club took a fundamental step towards equality in sports and presented its professional women’s football team.

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During the event, which was moderated by Luciana Rubinska (Head of the Sports Journalism course of study at River’s Tertiary Institute), 15 football players signed their first professional contracts with the Institution. It is worth noting that they were accompanied by the more than a hundred Youth Division players who play for the Club. Furthermore, the team that will defend River’s colors during the 2019/2020 season was revealed.

The ceremony was attended by the whole First Division team (accompanied by the Club’s more than 100 Youth Division players) and River’s authorities led by Jorge Brito (1st Vice-President) and Fernando Guarini (President of Amateur Football), apart from the team’s manager, Daniel Reyes.

Jorge Brito stated: “It is a historic day for the River Plate world and for the whole world of football. River has a long and important history; it was a pioneer in giving women a sense of belonging. We’re leading and starting a women’s football project. This professionalization step is very important; it will provide competency and commitment. It’s a big challenge.”

For his part, Fernando Guarini expressed: “It’s something that was being talked about at the AFA: we started thinking about it six months ago. We’re one of the few clubs with this structure in the Youth Division. There’s still a long way to go regarding this activity and River will continue working on it. The players deserve the Club’s and the people’s support.”

Daniel Reyes said: “The players are the architects of the real fight to achieve this. Our aim is not only to be more competitive but also to carry on the development process of youth categories.”

The players also took the floor. Mercedes Pereyra expressed: “I’m very moved, it’s been many years here in the Club. To the youngest ones, I want to tell you that this is just the beginning and the best is about to come”. Justina Morcillo stated: “When I started playing, I knew I wanted to do this for a living, but I thought I would have to move to another country to do it. This was something unimaginable not so long ago and today it’s a tremendous source of joy.”