River wins resoundingly in Rosario and ranks near the top El Millonario rounded off a good night and beat Newell’s 4-1 thanks to great goals: two by Julian Alvarez, one by Nicolas De La Cruz, and another one by Jorge Carrascal.

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River immediately dealt Newell’s a blow: after a quick penetrating run, Julian Alvarez dominated on the rival field and opened up a pass to Nicolas De La Cruz, who came in from the right and crossed a shot, beating Alan Aguerre. Newell’s responded with a good pass from Ignacio Scocco to Maximiliano Comba, whose shot went wide of the net. On another occasion, Franco Armani reacted well to a shot on goal by Mariano Bittolo.

Gallardo’s team kept insisting and almost scored the second goal: Jorge Carrascal set up a good play and was close to scoring off a rebound that fell on his head after a collective move. In the counterattack, Armani made his presence felt once again by saving a clear shot on goal by Comba. Nonetheless, the home team evened the score thanks to a right-footed shot by Scocco. Toward the end of the first half, Robert Rojas had two chances to score off a corner clearance.

In the second half, Newell’s was off to a better start and threatened Armani’s goal with a long-range shot by Jeronimo Cacciabue and a one-on-one on which Scocco missed the shot. El Millonario pressed up the field and set the score at 2-1 after a pass from Fabrizio Angileri to Alvarez, who, at the edge of the box, controlled the ball and struck a powerful left-footed shot, beating Aguerre. The home team almost evened the score off a corner and De La Cruz had a good chance to score River’s third goal off that same clearance.

Halfway through the second half, River managed to settle the match thanks to an amazing goal: they set up a great attack, from left to right, which culminated in a great push-and-run by Carrascal and Alvarez so that the Colombian no. 10 could strike a left-footed shot into the far post. Encouraged by the lead, el Millonario kept insisting and Julian Alvarez scored the fourth goal, off a subtle pass from Agustin Palavecino, who had only come onto the field a few minutes before.

Thanks to this victory, River now has 21 points and ranks second, behind Talleres and Lanus (tied on 23 points) On the next matchday, Gallardo’s team will welcome Arsenal: the match will take place on Sunday, at the Monumental Stadium.

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