The Seventh Division was champion The team managed by Juanjo Borrelli beat Rosario Central 3-0 and ended up with the title, even though there are still three more rounds to go. It is the first team to win in the Youth Football Season 2016.

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By: Sergio Bogochwal

Category 2000 crowned its great year with the Championship Cup.Although there still remain three games to be played, Juanjo Borrelli's team won the title and thus became the first champion, considering all the categories of the Youth Football tournament of the AFA.

Relief arrived from the hand of Matías Benítez's precise right, which hit a goalpost and went in as the first half was coming to an end.In order to convey tranquility and unleash unbridled celebration, Tomás Galván accomplished the 2-0 and Joaquín Pérez Ibáñez scored the final 3-0.

In this way, the Seventh Division won the title and left its escort 13 points below.River won the tournament form end to end.With the exceptions of a blunder before Arsenal at the beginning of the knockout stages and a draw in the 8th round, the team led by Borrelli was victorious in everything it played.

It won 22 of the 24 contested matches, scored 73 goals and only received 13.The top scorer of the tournament is, for the time being, Tomás Galván, with 12 goals.Matías Benítez follows him close behind with 11, while Benjamín Rollheiser and Joaquín Pérez Ibáñez scored 10.

In addition, it is the team to have added up more points in the year, considering all the categories of the tournament.President Rodolfo D’Onofrio was present and congratulated the players for their achievement.

River: 1.Valentín Sánchez, 2.Juan Tomicich, 3.Pedro Pavlov, 4.Dylan García, 5.Valentín Matlis, 6.Julián Rodríguez Vuotto, 7.Julián Álvarez, 8.Franco Camargo, 9.Matías Benítez, 10. Tomás Galván and 11.Sebastián Medina.

Substitutions: 18.Benjamín Rollheiser for 10.Julián Álvarez, 15.Esteban Moreno for 8.Franco Camargo and 17.Joaquín Pérez Ibáñez for 9.Matías Benítez.