The Eight Division Wins The Championship It defeated San Martín from San Juan by 1-0 with a heart-stopping goal by Giuliano Simeone and won the title thanks to an extraordinary season.

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With a heart-stopping goal by Giuliano Simeone at the last play of the match, the Eight Division coached by Jorge ‘Tapón’ Gordillo won the tournament.

Thus, the millonario team won five points over the team behind them on the chart.

River had an amazing season with 25 victories, three draws and only one defeat.

Starting Lineup: 1. Matías Cuellar, 2. Iván Peralta, 3. Osías Barreto, 4. Facundo Palavecino, 5. Blas Garay, 6. Tomás Lecanda, 7. Santiago Simón, 8. Gabriel Moreno, 9. Santiago Trigo, 10. Lautaro Sochan and 11. Mauricio Camargo.
Substitutes: 12. Lautaro Fontán, 13, Francisco Petrasso, 14. Manuel Cocca, 15. Sebastián Sánchez, 16. Franco Alfonso, 17. Giuliano Simeone and 18. Román Monzón.
Coach: Jorge Gordillo
Assistant Coach: Javier Alonso
Trainer: Cristian Segura
Goalkeeper coach: Alejandro Cruz