The 2004 Category Is The Undefeated Champion The children defeated San Lorenzo in the final game, and now River is the only Club that holds the two titles of the AFA Minor League Tournaments.

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In Ferro Carril Oeste’s field, River played against San Lorenzo to define the champion of the tournament organized by AFA in the 2004 Category. After scoring 1-1 during the 60 minutes of the game, the children shot penalties and River won the title by 7-6, thus closing an undefeated season.

The team coached by Juan José Borrelli and Gustavo Fermani was superior from the beginning, and it dominated the ball at all times. With the ball on their feet and making the field wide, River found little associations on the left area that unbalanced the rival team.

The first goal came after a passed center shot that Encinas connected well. With that advantage, El Millonario kept searching and trying to impose its own style to the game, but San Lorenzo put extra efforts to match them, and the score got even at the very end of the first half.

During the second half, the game was very even, with very few goal opportunities. That is why the winner of the season had to define it from the twelve steps.

Then, River was more precise; it converted seven out of eight penalties, and kept the title after the goalkeeper flew to the left post to catch the shoot from a defensive player from San Lorenzo.

After catching it, the new champions ran to celebrate, but also took care of comforting their adversaries. Their attitude uplifts the sportsmanship of El Millonario and puts in evidence that the rivalry ends when the referee marks the end of the game.

Borrelli and Fermani’s team was the undefeated champion without loosing any games. During the initial rounds, it had 17 victories and one tie with 114 goals and only 5 goals against it. During the semifinals, it won over Racing by 7-1, and in the final game they gained the Champions’ Cup Juan Jesús Pérez.

With this trophy, River is the only Argentine Football Club to win two championships during the 2016 season of AFA, Minor and Lower Leagues.