Scocco’s Magic Led River To The Victory Marcelo Gallardo’s team defeated Olimpo by 2-0 at the Monumental Stadium with two amazing goals by the forward, a precise free kick and a one after multiple dodges.

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Olimpo had the first opportunity of the evening. Lucas Villarruel advanced through the right and kicked a powerful shot, but goalkeeper Franco Armani was well prepared and blocked it. After that, it was all for River, and it created many clear situations.

First, Gonzalo Martínez got the ball in the area and kicked it low. Jorge Carranza found it and Gonzalo Montiel tried to steal it, but he could not score. Then, Nacho Scocco tried to score from inside the area, but the goalkeeper stopped the shot.

The lead characters were the same in the following two plays: Scocco with a free kick that passed near the right post, and Pity, that went to the area and kicked, but once again the ball was met by the goalkeeper from Bahía Blanca.

During the second half, Olimpo had, once again, an opportunity at the beginning, but Armani reacted greatly. He came out quickly and blocked Emiliano Tellechea’s kick. Then River reacted. It started to own the match searching for the goal.

Martínez kicked from far and he came close to scoring. Then, it happened. Nacho Scocco shot a free kick after a foul committed to him, and executed it greatly thus scoring the first goal for El Millonario. Right away, in the area, the forward was not able to control a pass from Marcelo Saracchi from the left, and faced a one-on-one with Carranza.

Lucas Pratto and Juan Quintero entered and gave the match a new attitude. Then, the forward had an opportunity. At the first one, he could not define facing the goalkeeper after Scocco assisted. At the second, the Colombian midfielder passed it and number 27 kicked it above the crossbar.

The gem of the evening came from Scocco. He got the ball outside the area and started dodging rival players until he faced Carranza, who was left in the floor, and scored with the goal for himself. It was an epic goal. The other excitement came when Rodrigo Mora substituted the scorer in his return to the Monumental field after an injury.

Pratto had the third opportunity, but his kick hit the crossbar and thus could not score. The score of the match did not change, and El Millonario added three points for the Superliga. For the next date on Sunday, it will visit Lanús in the South.



RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Marcelo Saracchi; Leonardo Ponzio (C), Enzo Pérez, Gonzalo Martínez, Ignacio Fernández; Rafael Borré and Ignacio Scocco. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Germán Lux, Milton Casco, Jonatan Maidana, Iván Rossi, Juan Quintero, Rodrigo Mora and Lucas Pratto.

Substitutions: Pratto for Borré, Quintero for Fernández, Mora for Scocco.


OLIMPO: Jorge Carranza; Mauricio Rosales, Sergio Ojeda, Matías Cahais (C), Nicolás Pantaleone; Emiliano Tellechea, Gonzalo Porras, Franco Bellocq, Lucas Villarruel; Franco Troyansky and Luis Vila. COACH: Christian Bassedas.

Substitutes: Sebastián Anchoveri, Renzo Ramírez, Daniel Ibáñez, Lucas Mancinelli, Said Llambay, David Depetris and Ramón Lentini.

Substitutions: Mancinelli for Tellechea, Llambay for Rosales, Ibáñez for Villarruel.

Goals: Scocco -2- (RP).

Booked: Cahais, Ojeda, Porras (O).

Referee: Darío Herrera.

Assistant Referees: Maximiliano Del Yesso and Matías Beares.

Fourth Official: Pablo Dóvalo.