River was stronger at Rosario, but could not bring the victory home Marcelo Gallardo's team showed great level against Central and generated many clear situations to get the three points. It was 1-1, with another goal from Juan Quintero.

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The local team had a good start and approached Franco Armani’s goal, but without any major danger. The clearest situation was one of Fernando Zampedri, who with a free goal could not manage to define a center behind Nahuel Molina. From there, River assumed control of the match and was the only one who tried to play in the first half and chances started coming.

The first one was a faraway attempt by Milton Casco and then a shot by Juan Quintero, which was controlled by Jeremías Ledesma. Precisely the Colombian, was the one who opened the way, as the previous weekend against Racing: after a rebound of a corner shot he had executed, took the ball and put a tremendous left-footed shot into the left corner of the local's goal.

Central warned with a Washington Camacho's header that went close by and River responded with an interesting maneuver between Quintero and Rafael Borre, but the 10th shot ended close to the right post. The striker had two unbeatable chances, but between Ledesma and the lack of aim in the rebound the celebration was suffocated.

The last three of the first half were clear, and all for River: Ledesma handled a dangerous center from Lucas Pratto and then the 27th crashed a brilliant right shot at the crossbar. In the last minutes, Quintero almost scored the second with a good free kick that was rejected with a remarkable effort from the local's goalkeeper.

In the second half, as in the first one, Central was the one who had the first and this time ended in a goal, after a far shot from Agustin Allione. In the following one, Armani responded well to Molina's shot. River, meanwhile, generated a good play between Quintero and Pratto, but the striker could not volley it. Matías Suárez came in and immediately had an unbeatable one-on-one (after a Nicolás De La Cruz and Quintero's play), but the local goalkeeper blocked the goal.

De La Cruz again had a chance with a shot that went close and then with a center to the heart of the area that the local defense cleared with just enough. Suarez tried with a bicycle kick which passed close by and the Uruguayan midfielder had another chance from the outside with a deviated left-footed shot. As for Central, their response was a header from Claudio Riaño.

The end of the game was a return trip: River had a very clear cross shot from Suarez that hit a post, a one-on-one with Pratto, a left-footed shot that missed by inches from Quintero, and a dangerous shot from Javier Pinola. Central had his own with a shot by Riaño that Armani contained and a very clear from Camacho who found a brilliant response from "El Millonario's" goalkeeper".

Thus, Gallardo's team could not complete a very good night. On Sunday, he will visit Banfield in the south for a new Super Liga engagement.


ROSARIO CENTRAL: Jeremías Ledesma; Gonzalo Bettini, Matías Caruzzo (C), Miguel Barbieri, Nahuel Molina; Fabian Rinaudo; Agustin Allione, Néstor Ortigoza, Leonardo Gil, Washington Camacho; Fernando Zampedri. DT: Edgardo Bauza.

Substitutes: Josué Ayala, Oscar Cabezas, Marcelo Ortiz, Emmanuel Ojeda, Maximiliano Lovera, Claudio Riaño and Germán Herrera.

Changes: Lovera for Allione, Riaño for Zampedri, Cabezas for Molina.

RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Robert Rojas, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Ignacio Fernández, Leonardo Ponzio (C), Juan Quintero; Rafael Borré and Lucas Pratto. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Germán Lux, Camilo Mayada, Bruno Zuculini, Nicolás De La Cruz, Cristian Ferreira, Ignacio Scocco and Matías Suárez.

Changes: De La Cruz for Borré, Suárez for Montiel, Ferreira for Fernández.

Goals: Allione (RC); Quintero (RP).

Admonished: Caruzzo (RC); Martínez Quarta, Casco (RP).

Referee: Andrés Merlos.

Assistants: Pablo González and Juan Millenar.

Fourth referee: Eduardo Gutiérrez.