River was quick to react and tied 2-2 in Brazil For the third date of the CONMEBOL Libertadores group stage, Marcelo Gallardo's team were losing 2-0 at Porto Alegre, but manage to even the match with goals from Pratto and De La Cruz, and came close to winning it.

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River had a good and dangerous start: at first, Nacho Fernandez came close with a shot from the outside and then, after a left overflow, Dourado almost scored in his own goal. However, in the first risky move they got, the local team managed to open the scoreboard with a definition from a rebound by Nicolas Lopez.

Marcelo Gallardo's team kept going and Nacho Fernandez tried again from the outside, although he missed the target. Internacional took advantage of River's defensive inattention and scored the 2-0 through Edenilson, who overcame German Lux with a low shot at the near post.

The final stretch was for River, with a clear penalty not sanctioned to Bruno Zuculini and then, after a hand in a free kick by Cristian Ferreira, Lucas Pratto took charge of the penalty and with a corner shot to the left post of Lomba, placed the well-deserved discount for El Millonario.

Gallardo made some changes before the start, adding Camilo Mayada and Nicolás De La Cruz. And it was the 11th player who took charge of a stopped ball, and with a magnificent shot, added the 2-2 to the scoreboard. River, again because of its temperament and tidiness, came back from an adverse outcome and was strong in Brazil.

After that, the two teams were unable to generate any risky moves: River made it to the rival's small area several times, but missed the final pass. Inter, on their part, only worried Lux in an overflow from right and center back, which River Plate's goalkeeper solved without problems.

The next cup match for El Millonario will be next Thursday, against Alianza Lima at the Monumental Stadium. For the Super League, they will host Tigre this Sunday, in what will be the last date of the local competition.


INTER: Lomba; Bruno, Moledo, Víctor Cuesta, Iago; Edenilson, Dourado (C), Patrick; Andrés D'Alessandro, Rafael Sobis and Nicolás López. DT: Odair Hellmann.

Substitutes: Daniel, Zeca, Emerson Santos, Uendel, Rodrigo Lindoso, Nonato, Camilo, Parede, Sarrafiore, Neilton, Wellington Silva and Tréllez.

Changes: Zeca for Bruno, Wellington Silva for D'Alessandro, Parede for Sobis.

RIVER PLATE: Germán Lux; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola (C), Fabrizio Angileri; Bruno Zuculini, Enzo Pérez, Ignacio Fernández, Cristian Ferreira; Rafael Borré and Lucas Pratto. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Enrique Bologna, Robert Rojas, Nahuel Gallardo, Camilo Mayada, Leonardo Ponzio, Jorge Carrascal, Nicolás De La Cruz, Julián Álvarez and Matías Suárez.

Changes: De La Cruz for Ferreira, Mayada for Martínez Quarta, Suárez for Borré.

Goals: López, Edenilson (I); Pratto, De La Cruz (RP).

Admonished: D'Alessandro, Edenilson, Sobis, Dourado (I); Martinez Quarta, De La Cruz, Montiel, Mayada (RP).

Referee: Esteban Ostojich (Uruguay).

Assistants: Nicolás Taran and Richard Trinidad (Uruguay).

Fourth referee: Christian Ferreyra (Uruguay).

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