River was left with nothing in the end Marcelo Gallardo’s team lost 2-1 in La Plata against Gimnasia y Esgrima. It had made merits to get the tie (Scocco's goal) and also to win.

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At the beginning of the match, el Millonario took possession of the ball and began to play from below. However, it was the local who had the first risk play of the match with a deflected shot by Lucas Licht. Then, River responded with a center from Milton Casco that Rafael Borré did not get to push. In the second play, Nicolás De La Cruz had the opportunity with an imprecise header.

Omar Alderete had the clearest opportunity for Gimnasia, after a center that found him free and a header that went just outside by Enrique Bologna’s left post. Facundo Oreja tried with a deflected shot to the first post. Next, De La Cruz shot from the outside and Alexis Arias managed to avoid River's first goal.

The two clearest of the first half were for Marcelo Gallardo’s team: first, Arias pulled the 1-0 to Marcelo Saracchi after a pumped header and then, Casco hooked it inside the area and wanted to place it, but Arias managed to block it with his body.

In the second half, and after a defensive neglect, Gimnasia scored 1-0 with a goal by Nicolás Colazo after Bologna blocked a one-to-one to Dibble. River responded with several dangerous situations: Borre did not get to push Scocco's center, Nacho Fernández and De La Cruz tried from the outside and then Gonzalo Martinez bounced it to Arias, but the goalkeeper managed to swipe it to the corner kick.

In a counterattack, Bologna reacted in a great way by blocking a clear one-to-one to Dibble and then Nacho Scocco tied with a free-kick goal. However, in injury time, Brahian Alemán put the 2-1 with a shot from outside the area. Now, el Millionario will go for the Copa Argentina, when facing Atlético Tucumán in Mendoza next Saturday.

GIMNASIA Y ESGRIMA LA PLATA: Alexis Arias; Facundo Oreja, Manuel Guanini, Omar Alderete, Lucas Licht (Captain); Agustín Bolívar, Fabián Rinaudo, Brahian Alemán; Nicolás Dibble, Nicolás Mazzola and Nicolás Colazo. Coach: Mariano Soso.
Substitutes: Yair Bonnin, Maximiano Coronel, Ezequiel Bonifacio, Lorenzo Faravelli, Eric Ramírez, Franco Niell and Nicolás Ibáñez.
Substitutions: Faravelli for Mazzola, Niell for Bolívar, Ramírez for Dibble.

RIVER PLATE: Enrique Bologna; Milton Casco, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Marcelo Saracchi; Ignacio Fernández, Leonardo Ponzio (Captain), Iván Rossi, Nicolás De La Cruz; Ignacio Scocco and Rafael Borré. Coach: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Germán Lux, Alexander Barboza, Gonzalo Montiel, Ariel Rojas, Gonzalo Martínez, Tomás Andrade and Carlos Auzqui.
Substitutions: Martínez for Rossi, Auzqui for De La Cruz, Andrade for Borré.

Goals: Colazo, Alemán (G); Scocco (RP).
Booked: Dibble, Rinaudo (G); Maidana, Rossi (RP).
Referee: Fernando Espinoza.
Assistant referees: Hernán Maidana and Pablo González.
Fourth Official: Pedro Argañaráz.