River Unveils Local Locker Room after Major Remodeling The local sector was expanded by 20% and incorporated a massage area, individual lockers, gym area and state of the art technology.

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Facing Racing, River Plate will once again use the legendary "Angel Labruna" dressing room, after the Club carried out an important series of works and improvements at the place, designed for the players of the professional team. Marcelo Gallardo will also have his space remodeled, as well as the sector of clothing for the technical staff.

This project was in the hands of the Work and Infrastructure Area, and one of the big changes is the enlargement of the dressing room, gaining ground towards the athletics track. The sector was enlarged by 20% and included modifications such as changing to non-slip floors, new floors in the fitness and warm-up areas, new ceilings and LED lighting, as well as a complete remodeling of showers, bathrooms, massage area and double hot/cold Jacuzzi.

In addition, the changing sector was expanded by 30% with new lockers, which have technology, individual security and personalization of every space assigned to each player. Work was also carried out on the central ventilation and air conditioning system. Meanwhile, the locker room has a state-of-the-art audio and video system, as well as the latest LED screens.

Soon the new sectors of kinesiology, medicine, video analysis and props will be ready.