River tied the first match at the Superliga In a complicated match against Huracán at Parque Patricios, Marcelo Gallardo's team drew 0 - 0. Pity Martínez missed a goal opportunity, buy muffing a penalty in the first half.

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River started a good game and began generating threatening plays. The first one was for Nacho Scocco who had a clear chance (assistance from Lucas Pratto), but Marcos Diaz made a good block. Then, Huracán responded with a distant shot by Walter Perez that Franco Armani had no problem containing.

Gallardo's team had a chance to open the scoring with a penalty kick, after a hand of Juan Garro, but the shot of “El Pity” from the twelve steps went over the crossbar.

The last two chances went to Scocco, first with a low right that went wide and then with a great free kick from afar, that Huracán’s goalkeeper managed to grasp. Later on, Patricio Loustau accurately annulled Diego Mendoza's goal because of Lucas Gamba's foul on Armani.

By the second half, the dynamic of the first half was lost. The two teams acted more cautiously, there for the goal situations were scarce. The referee annulled Scocco’s goal for an offside position after a free kick. And then it was Armani's turn to show off: he blocked a powerful shot made by Gamba, although the play had been annulled, and then contained a danger shot by Mauro Bogado. In the last one, Scocco was not tidy in a free kick.

Thus, the Millionaire could not start the Super League with a victory, now he will prepare for Saturday's match, at the Monumental, against Belgrano de Córdoba, for the second date of the championship.


HURACÁN: Marcos Díaz; Carlos Araujo, Saul Salcedo, Federico Mancinelli (C), Pablo Álvarez; Israel Damonte, Iván Rossi, Walter Pérez, Lucas Gamba; Juan Garro and Diego Mendoza. DT: Gustavo Alfaro.
Substitutes: Fernando Pellegrino, Cristian Chimino, Omar Alderete, Mauro Bogado, Carlos Auzqui, Norberto Briasco and Patricio Toranzo.
Changes: Auzqui by Mendoza, Bogado by Pérez, Briasco by Gamba.

RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Camilo Mayada, Jonatan Maidana (C), Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Bruno Zuculini, Exequiel Palacios, Ignacio Fernandez, Gonzalo Martínez; Ignacio Scocco and Lucas Pratto. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Germán Lux, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Pérez, Juan Quintero, Rodrigo Mora and Rafael Borré.
Changes: Quintero by Fernández, Pérez by Martínez, Mora by Palacios.

Admonished: Pérez (H); Zuculini, Scocco, Maidana (RP).

Referee: Patricio Loustau.
Assistants: Hernán Maidana and Juan Pablo Belatti.
Fourth referee: Mauro Vigliano.
Additional: Pablo Dóvalo and Pablo Echavarría.