River tied at the south Marcelo Gallardo's team managed to recover from Banfield's forward goal and leveled the match thanks to Lucas Pratto, but ran out of time to get the three points.

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On this southern night, Banfield got to River's goal first, but Franco Armani responded excellently on two successive occasions: he covered up a one-on-one from Martin Payero and then avoided another one after a cross shot from the left. El Millonario, meanwhile, had theirs with a Rafael Borre’s clearance after a pass from Matías Suárez, but the Colombian failed to define precisely.

The Colombian warned again, this time with a header, after a free kick from Juan Quintero. The local team responded with a play inside the area and a high left-footed shot from Jesús Dátolo. Armani became giant again to avoid the fall of the goal, after a pure reflex stroke on the first post at the exit of a corner shot.

River continued trying and Suarez made a shot, in an uncomfortable way, after a good pass from Quintero. The match was ten minutes delayed by a power cut and when it returned, Suarez had his chance again, but could not capitalize, with an assistance to Borre, an error in the exit of Mauricio Arboleda, the goalkeeper. During the last minutes of the first half, Agustín Fontana finished off inside the area, near Armani's left post.

Banfield struck after the first ten minutes of second half and took the lead with a goal from Agustin Fontana. River responded quickly with an excellent chance by Quintero, but the Colombian struck slightly high with the goal straight ahead. El Millonario's 10th player almost tied the match with a free kick, but his shot hit the crossbar after Arboleda touched it.

Suarez had his chance with a good individual maneuver and a right-footed shot that held the keeper. Urzi tried from outside and Armani responded well, in the second dangerous play generated by the local team. Quintero had one inside the area again, after two hooks, but was blocked when he finished left-footed.

Near the end, Lucas Pratto enabled Suarez and was awarded a penalty. River's 27th player took over, Arboleda contained it, but on the rebound he defined for the 1-1. Marcelo Gallardo's team had the approximations to win the game, but ran out of time.


BANFIELD: Mauricio Arboleda; Jorge Rodríguez, Renato Civelli (C), Claudio Bravo; Emanuel Cecchini; Luciano Gómez, Jesus Dátolo, Martín Payero, Juan Álvarez; Agustín Fontana and Agustín Urzi. DT: Hernán Crespo.

Substitutes: Facundo Altamirano, Rodrigo Tapia, Adrián Calello, Adrián Spörle, Nicolás Bertolo, Julián Carranza and Reinaldo Lenis.

Changes: Calello for Payero, Carranza for Fontana, Spörle for Álvarez.

RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani (C); Gonzalo Montiel, Robert Rojas, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Milton Casco; Bruno Zuculini, Ignacio Fernandez, Nicolás De La Cruz, Juan Quintero; Matías Suárez and Rafael Borré. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Germán Lux, Javier Pinola, Camilo Mayada, Leonardo Ponzio, Cristian Ferreira, Ignacio Scocco and Lucas Pratto.

Changes: Mayada for Fernández, Pratto for Borré, Ferreira for Montiel.

Goals: Fontana (B); Pratto (RP).

Admonished: Urzi, Payero, Cecchini, Bravo (B); Fernández (RP).

Referee: Silvio Trucco.

Assistants: Diego Bonfá and Javier Uziga.

Fourth referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer.

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