River Stumbled In The South Marcelo Gallardo’s team was not able to handle some situations, and Lanús won by 1-0 on the 15th date of the Superliga.

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The match started even for both teams, but River had the first few approximations to the rival goal. Lucas Pratto was not able to reach the ball after a pass by Ignacio Scocco, and then Nacho Fernández shot it near the right post. Lanús had its own opportunity with Fernando Barrientos, who was injured later and had to abandon the match. He kicked the ball from outside the area, but it went above Franco Armani’s crossbar.

The clearest opportunity for River during the first half happened with Scocco, after Leonardo Ponzio regained the ball near the rival’s area. The captain controlled the ball and passed it to number 32, but it bounced in the wrong direction, and he was not able to score the first goal. In addition, Gonzalo Martínez tried with a shot that was blocked, and Lanús had a one-on-one, but the kick was deflected.

After a poor pass in the attack, the local team handled the ball very well. Acosta was left alone with Armani, and River’s goalkeeper blocked his kick, but as the ball bounced, Alejandro Silva appeared to score the first goal. River responded before the first half ended with a precise center shot by Enzo Pérez, but Martínez was not able to convert. The last opportunity was for Lanús: Armani was quick and blocked Germán Denis just in time near the area.

During the second half and with substitutes Juan Quintero and Rodrigo Mora in the field, River had the first one with a deviated header by Pratto after a center shot by the Colombian midfielder. Then, Armani once again reacted quickly to block Denis, and later he blocked Acosta. El Millonario almost drew the match with a header by Mora, but Andrada sent the ball to the corner.

River continued attacking, but it was not able to score, and lost by 1-0 in the South. For the next date, it will play against Godoy Cruz at the Monumental.



LANÚS: Esteban Andrada; Gabriel Carrasco, Nicolás Thaller, Enzo Ortiz, Nicolás Pasquini; Fernando Barrientos, Román Martínez, Iván Marcone (C), Alejandro Silva, Germán Denis and Lautaro Acosta. COACH: Ezequiel Carboni.

Substitutes: Matías Ibáñez, Rolando García Guerreño, Tomás Belmonte, Gastón Lodico, Gonzalo Di Renzo, Marcelino Moreno and Bruno Vides.

Substitutions: Lodico for Barrientos, Vides for Denis, and Belmonte for Martínez.


RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Marcelo Saracchi; Leonardo Ponzio (C), Enzo Pérez, Ignacio Fernández, Gonzalo Martínez; Ignacio Scocco and Lucas Pratto. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Germán Lux, Milton Casco, Jonatan Maidana, Bruno Zuculini, Juan Quintero, Rodrigo Mora and Rafael Borré.

Substitutions: Quintero for Pérez, Mora for Fernández, and Borré for Pratto.

Goal: Silva (L).

Booked: Marcone (L); Pérez, Mora, Martínez Quarta (RP).

Referee: Federico Beligoy.

Assistant Referees: Diego Bonfá and Gustavo Rossi.