River Strikes Victory against Obras In its first game as a local team in the Volleyball Argentine League, El Millonario had a very solid performance and defeated the team from San Juan 3-0.

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In its first performance as a local team in the League, River achieved a great victory in 3 sets against Obras UDAP Vóley from San Juan. In Lomas, Fernando Borrero’s team showed a solid teamwork and won in 3 sets (25-22, 25-22 and 25-19).

At first, the game was very tight with a well performed job by Arias Ramirez, who attacked at the center for El Millonario, and Quiroga giving his best in the offense for the visitors, who was up in the score by one point for the first technical time-out (7-8). The game resumed and River had better defensive moves and scored points thanks to Villalba and Tell, and by the second technical time-out, it was winning by two points. The set was finishing and the local team kept its rotation. A great block jump defined by a hit by Villalba (the game top scorer with 16 points) made River won the first set.

On the second set, Obras started pushing its serve and got its first advantage in the score (1-4), but River quickly fought back to match the score with two attacks by Villalba.It got ahead with a solid pass by Arias Ramirez and, with a touch by Gutiérrez, got to the first technical time-out 8-6. On behalf of the team from San Juan, Quiroga scored four consecutive points, which matched the score at 11. Then, Borrero’s team added points with Fernandez’s serve and new plays by Villalba, which got it 20+16. Obras tried to define, but Villalba, first with a great defense that ended in a point by Tell and then with a good shot, allowed River to finish the second set 2-0 (25-22).

On the third set, El Millonario showed a very good blocking drill, but Obras had a very valuable substitution with Nielson to take the lead at first (7-8). After that, the local team continued being very good at blocking and receiving. Taking advantage of some mistakes made by the other team, the score by the second technical time-out was 16-12. From there and with the score to its favor, River was calm enough to handle the timing of the game and defined the third set 25-19 with the final point by Arias Ramirez above Souza’s blocking drill.

Thus, River added its second winning of three games, and this Saturday will complete the weekend by playing against UPCN. On the other hand, Obras will visit Lomas.


River Plate: Diego Gutiérrez (3), Lucas Tell (13); Alejandro Arias Ramírez (7), Gastón Fernández (6); Rodrigo Villalba (16), Luis Gorosito (5). Libero: Luciano Massimino. Coach: Fernando Borrero. Substitutions: Martín Portillo, Matías Giraudo.

Obras UDAP Vóley: Matías Sánchez, Carlos Tejeda (3); Junior Souza (5), Jonadabe Carneiro (8); Federico Pereyra (8), Gonzalo Quiroga (11). Libero: Santiago Danani. Coach: Rodolfo Sánchez. Substitutions: Nicolás Sánchez, Esteban Cabrera (6), Ramiro Nielson (4), Liam Arreche (4).