An ideal ending On its last game before the A1 League recess for holidays, River achieved a huge victory against the leading team Lomas.

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It was an amazing game where River defeated Lomas 3-2, with partial scores of 25-21, 24-26, 19-25, 25-23 and 17-15. Lucas Tell and Rodrigo Villalba, the top scorers for El Millonario, scored 22 and 21 points.

The game started even, with Tell scoring 8-7 for River against Lomas. Later, El Millonario stepped ahead by 16-13 with a block by Arias and a good pass by Gutiérrez. Towards the end, River kept the rotation and, with blocks by Gorosito and Fernández, it scored 23-19. Tell, who scored 7 points during the first set, hit the set ball, and a mistake during the service sealed the 25-21 for River.

The start of the second set had Lomas as the leader, with Renato playing very well for the 8-3. Step by step, River’s attack became stronger and it reached the 7-9 and had a better game volume that made it attain a fifteen-all draw, with another good pass by Gutiérrez. Scarpin rotated during that difficult time for Lomas, and the score remained even until the game reached the definition. With a counterattack by Tell, River reached a set ball at 24-23, but a mistake by Zanotti had Lomas draw the match by winning the set 26-24.

During the third set, Lomas took advantage of its more effective game and led the score by 8-3 until the first technical time out. Then, once again, River was able to improve its game and scored 8-11 thanks to Villalba, but Lomas kept its effective game and got to the second technical time out with the score at 16-11. With a more even performance and with Villalba as the best player in River, Lomas stepped into the definition time on top by 20-16. The home team had a more effective closure, and an attack by Renato sealed the 25-19 and 2-1.

The fourth set started even, and after the 8-7, Lomas improved its blocking skills to reach a difference of 16-13 thanks to a very good job of its outside players. Later, in another even end of set, River drew sixteen-all during a more conclusive play. At the end of the set, a good play by Gorosito led the game to a tie break (25-23).

Lomas started the fifth set by winning and, once again, it proved to be more precise in its attacks and counterattacks. Renato scored some points, and thus the score turned 8-4. However, River scored 7-9 with an ace by Gutierrez and, after losing 14-12, two mistakes allowed El Millonario to have a set ball at 15-14. At the end, a great outcome by Gorosito sealed the victory 17-15.

River’s team will now have a holiday recess and will get together again on January 3rd.

Lomas Vóley: Maximiliano Cavanna (2), Renato Adornelas (24), Maximiliano Scarpin (13), Facundo Imhoff (9), Cristian Poglajen (17), Lisandro Zanotti (14). Libero: Franco Massimino. Coach: Marcelo Silva. Substitutes: Ignacio Bernasconi, Mauro Di Martino.
River: Diego Gutiérrez (7), Lucas Tell (22), Gastón Fernández (8), Alejandro Arias Ramírez (8), Rodrigo Villalba (21), Luis Gorosito (15). Libero: Luciano Massimino. Coach: Fernando Borrero. Substitutes: Martín Portillo, Matías Giraudo, Gustavo Vaca.

Referees: Hernán Casamiquela and Damián Perznianko
Stadium: Parque Eva Perón - Microestadio de Lomas