River’s Reserve won the Superclásico Facundo Villalba’s team beat Boca Juniors 2-0 in River Camp, with scores by Kevin Sibille and Benjamín Rollheiser.

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This Wednesday afternoon, in River Camp, River Plate’s Reserve played the pending match against Boca Juniors. In Ezeiza, el Millonario was highly superior and fairly won the Superclásico, which counted on the presence of players from the professional squad such as Enrique Bologna, Luciano Lollo and Ignacio Fernández.

In the first half, after 30 minutes, Kevin Sibille struck a header in the area and scored 1-0. A few minutes later, Benjamín Rollheiser set up a good individual move and shouted the second one with a low shot, next to Bustillos’ right goalpost.

In the second half, River handled the match well and ended up celebrating in Ezeiza’s premises. The bad news was that Nahuel Gallardo was sent off.

River: Enrique Bologna; Kevin Sibille, Nahuel Gallardo, Franco Paredes, Eric Barrios, Luciano Lollo, Benjamín Rollheiser, Mauro Burruchaga, Julián Álvarez, Ignacio Fernández and Cristian Ferreira. Coach: Villalba.
Substitutes: Franco Petroli, Augusto Aguirre, Lautaro Grosso, Sebastián Medina, Matías Moya, Franco López and Santiago Vera.
Substitutions: Aguirre for Rollheiser, Grosso for Ferreira, López for Álvarez.

Boca Jrs.: Bustillos; Weigandt, Salomón, Giampaoli, Grance Martínez; Almendra, Chicco, Lamardo; Luna Diale, Vadalá and Brochero. Coach: Schiavi.
Substitutes: Abadía, Monti, Vaca, Capaldo, Mayo, Obando, T. Fernández.
Substitutions: Fernández for Luna Diale, Obando for Brochero, Monti for Giampaoli.

Goals: Sibille, Rollheiser (RP).

Sent off: Gallardo (RP).