Reserva ties against Belgrano The team coached by Villalba drew 2-2 in Cordoba, with goals from Tomas Martinez and Juan Cruz Kaprof in the second half.

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In heavy rain, on Sunday March 1 Reserve Division of River Plate facedBelgrano on the grounds of Villa Esquiú of Cordoba.By the third round of the contest of the AFA, the team coached by Luis Villalba tied to the local with two goals. The goals were scored in the second half by Tomas Martinez and Juan Cruz Kaprof.

A heavy game by weather conditions and difficult to carry on with agility.The thick soil by rain caused the pace of the game was slow.
The first half helped the Millionaire recognize the field and look set to face the Cordobes team.Etevenaux opened the scoring: nine minutes, put the game into the lead for the team of Julio Constantín.Then it was the turn of Alaniz, who near the end of the period expanded the difference.

River returned to the field with another demeanor. They made more pressure up front and generated more game near the rival goal.In that way Tomas Martinez stepped the area and scored for the Millionaire, on the ninth complement. This was an indication of the improvement of Martinez in the preparation of the game.

Kaprof increase his speed.At 22 minutes, he managed to tie the match. Boye had various opportunities closely with the visitors" keeper, but failed to score.The riverplatense team has a balance of one win, one loss and one draw, reaching 4 points in the third round of the Tournament of the AFA.

File of the match:

BELGRANO: Heredia, Espíndola, Álvarez, Gómez, Pittinari, Mattalia, Giordana, Etevenaux, Zárate Fagiuoli, Alaniz y García.
Belgrano substitute:Acosta, Guzmán, Romero, Trejo, Gaitán, Cochis y Fernández.

RIVER PLATE: Batalla; Carreras, Mammana, Vega, Martínez; De Niese, Guido Rodríguez, Godoy; Tomás Martínez; Kaproff y Boyé.
Substitute: Velasco, Montiel, Barboza, Martínez Quarta, Casquete, Villanueva y Salto.

Changes: Gomez Villanueva, MartinezQuartaby De Niese and Bonnet by Tomas Martinez.