River’s Presence In Miami Came To Life Through The Little Ones This Monday 15th was held the first Club Campus abroad as one of the main pillars of the River International project.

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65 children from different ages and nationalities that had previously registered lived a unique experience and ended the day in the best possible way.

As part of the plan that the Club carries on to continue to lay its foundations abroad, a Campus was held at FIU (Florida International University) at the fields where the professional team trains so that the students could have the experience of training like their idols.

Boys and girls were divided into four groups according to their categories and worked very hard all day long following the instructions of the teachers that were previously coached by one Club coach, Hernán Smurra, who was also responsible for the general coordination of the training field.

All the different concepts that they worked on through the day were based on the River Plate method of training, using the Club values as triggers for each activity.

During the afternoon, four professional players, Germán Lux, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Gonzalo Martínez and Ignacio Scocco, went for the final practice and shared experiences as players with the students. Then they played a match against all 65.

Finally, the entire team posed for the final picture with the students. That was the end for a day of intense training but very exciting for all the participants of the first River Campus in Miami. Adidas help was crucial, since it provided all the clothes, the balls and the necessary equipment.

During February, the Club will hold another five-day River Campus at River Camp in Ezeiza, from Monday 5th to Friday 9th, from 2pm to 6pm.

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