River played better, but drew in Victoria Marcelo Gallardo´s team was the lead character during the entire second half, but it could not score and it drew by 1-1 against Tigre.

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At the beginning of the match, the game suffered the consequences of the heavy rain falling on Victoria. However, it took River less than ten minutes to open the score. After a foul on Ignacio Fernández within the area, Nacho Scocco kicked the penalty with authority and scored the goal for El Millonario.

There were no danger situations for either team, but the local one also had a penalty to its favor thanks to Denis Stracqualursi. Germán Lux became gigantic and blocked the powerful kick that barely went to his left, and thus he left the goal untouched.

Nonetheless, after a forward play on the right, Maximiliano Caire kicked a center shot to the heart of the area, and Lucas Janson headed the ball to the second post for the draw. After that, the clearest play was at the feet of Nacho Fernández with a kick from outside that was barely deflected by Federico Crivelli’s right post.

Despite playing a first half almost at equal conditions, the second half was all for River. Gallardo´s team created the most conclusive plays, while Tigre waited at the back to play defensively, and thus did not bother Lux the entire time. The first goal opportunities were at De La Cruz’s feet, who tried from outside, and at Scocco’s, who had a great individual play, but Crivelli deflected his shot.

Then, it was Auzqui´s turn with a clear one-on-one after a pass by De La Cruz, who could not define, and an attempt of a left kick by Enzo Pérez, who had the ball after a play on the right side. Scocco had one more opportunity with a free kick, De La Cruz had his own from outside, and the last one of the match was a precise pass from Scocco to Pérez, but the later was not able to define it.

Next weekend River will play against Defensa y Justicia in Formosa for the Copa Argentina, and it will play again for the Superliga against Atlético de Tucumán at the Monumental Stadium.


TIGRE: Federico Crivelli; Alexis Niz, Lucas Menossi, Jacobo Mansilla, Lucas Janson, Mathías Abero, Denis Stracqualursi, Gastón Bojanich, Daniel Imperiale, Renzo Spinaci, Maximiliano Caire. COACH: Ricardo Lombardi.
Substitutes: Julio Chiarini, Hamilton Pereira, Carlos Luna, Matías Pérez García, Esteban Giambuzzi, Ivo Hongn and Javier Iritier.
Substitutions: Giambuzzi for Janson, Luna for Imperiale, Iritier for Imperiale.

RIVER PLATE: Germán Lux; Jorge Moreira, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Leonardo Ponzio (C), Enzo Pérez, Ignacio Fernández, Gonzalo Martínez; Carlos Auzqui and Ignacio Scocco. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Augusto Batalla, Gonzalo Montiel, Marcelo Saracchi, Iván Rossi, Ariel Rojas, Nicolás De La Cruz and Rafael Borré.
Substitutions: De La Cruz for Fernández, Saracchi for Casco, Rojas for Auzqui.

Goals: Janson (T); Scocco (RP).
Booked: Abero, Luna (T); De La Cruz (RP).
Events: Lux catched a penalty by Stracqualursi.
Referee: Ariel Penel.
Assistant Referees: Ariel Scime and Alejandro Mazza.
Fourth Official: Paulo Vigliano.