River Played A Friendly Match In Miami The team coached by Marcelo Gallardo lost by 2-1 against Independiente Santa Fe in a new preparation match in Florida.

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The match started very even. Five minutes into it, Plata (forward) shot a kick that was deflected. From that moment on, Independiente Santa Fe began playing with confidence. El Millonario was not able to stand in the match and, 14 minutes later, the Colombian team scored a goal. Tesillo converted it with a header.

After that, River wanted to react and own the ball. El Millonario approached dangerously with a play by Montiel, but he could not connect with Borré. The 2-0 for Santa Fe came from a counterattack after that previous play. Pajoy was fast, he beat River’s defense and scored the second goal for the team coached by Gregorio Pérez.

During the second half, River came out determined to score. During the first minutes, it had two chances, first with a kick by Pity Martínez that Zapata controlled, and then with a shot by Borré that was deflected.

El Millonario continued attacking. Thanks to a center shot by Pity Martínez, it was able to approach with danger, but Scocco was not able to define it. However, River’s forward was about to have his rematch, because at minute 27 he scored a goal with a kick from inside the area.

Gallardo’s team was about to score the draw at minute 36, but Enzo Pérez was sent off for a double yellow card, thus leaving El Millonario with ten men. In spite of this, River kept searching, and in the end, it had a very clear chance with Pity Martínez. The midfielder received the ball from Lux, he diverted the rival player marking him and defined above Zapata, but the ball barely went away.

Finally, Santa Fe won by 2-1, but it was good practice for River to keep fine-tuning for this 2018 season.


RIVER PLATE: Germán Lux; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Marcelo Saracchi; Leonardo Ponzio (C); Ignacio Fernández, Enzo Pérez, Gonzalo Martínez; Rafael Borré and Ignacio Scocco. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo

Substitutes: Petroli, Maidana, Barboza, Mayada, Casco, Rossi, Palacios, Rojas, De La Cruz, Auzqui, Rollheiser.

Substitutions: Rollheiser for Borré; De La Cruz for Nacho Fernández; Mayada for Montiel. 


INDEPENDIENTE SANTA FE: Zapata; Arboleda, J. López, Tesillo, Valencia, Gordillo, Roa, Perlaza, Pajoy, Morelo, Plata.

Substitutes: Solís, Moya, Urrego, Salazar, Soto, Vargas, Bentancourt, Mosquera.


Goals: Scocco (RIV); Tesillo; Pajoy (SFE).

Booked: Gordillo (SFE).

Sent Off: Enzo Pérez (RIV).

Stadium: Central Broward Regional Park