River kept trying, but got a tie in Santa Fe Marcelo Gallardo’s team got a scoreless tie against Colón, in a match in which it was superior in the second half and deserved the victory.

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Colón started better off and caused danger in Franco Armani’s goal in the first minutes: first, River’s goalkeeper blocked Gustavo Toledo, who could not decide whether to kick or not and sent an imprecise center. Then, Guillermo Ortiz struck a cross-header that went very near the left goalpost.

In the following, Toledo stood once again face to face with Armani and defined with a cross shot that went out deflected. River answered with a shot by Ignacio Scocco after a long center from Gonzalo Martínez, but the goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez was well prepared and caught the ball. Scocco had two consecutive chances, the clearest was the second one: he got ready within the area and kicked a left-footed shot that went out just centimeters away from the local’s right corner.

Colón had a very clear one at Marcelo Estigarribia’s feet, who tried to place it on Armani’s left goalpost with the inner edge, but it went very close. River’s last chance in the first half was a good attempt by Scocco from the middle of the field, but the ball went out deflected owing to Domínguez’s backward movement.

All the second part belonged to River, from beginning to end: first, Rodrigo Mora tried with a right kick to the first goalpost that Domínguez blocked and then Juan Quintero, who had just gone in, had a double chance (shot and deflection that hit a goalpost and a free kick that the home goalkeeper caught).

One of the clearest was at Scocco’s feet: the forward could not provide a precise definition after a good pass from Quintero and Domínguez drowned Lucas Pratto’s shout after Nacho Fernández’s assist.

The last one was another one-to-one for Rafael Borré, but Domínguez guessed his intention. Thus, el Millonario will face its two last matches of the Superliga with the aim of achieving the qualification to the Copa Sudamericana. This Thursday, it will receive Estudiantes and close the tournament on Monday, against San Lorenzo.


COLÓN: Alexander Domínguez; Gustavo Toledo, Clemente Rodríguez, Matías Fritzler, Cristian Guanca, Adrián Bastía, Christian Bernardi, Guillermo Ortiz, Marcelo Estigarribia, Germán Conti (Captain) and Alan Ruiz. Coach: Eduardo Domínguez.
Substitutes: Gonzalo Marinelli, Lucas Ceballos, Nicolás Leguizamón, Diego Vera, Mariano González, Leonardo Heredia and Pablo Ledesma.
Substitutions: Leguizamón for Bernardi, Ledesma for Bastía, Heredia for Ruiz.

RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Camilo Mayada, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Marcelo Saracchi; Bruno Zuculini, Ignacio Fernández, Exequiel Palacios, Gonzalo Martínez; Rodrigo Mora (Captain) and Ignacio Scocco. Coach: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Enrique Bologna, Luciano Lollo, Milton Casco, Ariel Rojas, Juan Quintero, Rafael Borré and Lucas Pratto.
Substitutions: Quintero for Martínez, Pratto for Mora, Borré for Scocco.

Booked: Fritzler (C); Mayada, Borré (RP).

Referee: Fernando Rapallini.
Assistant referees: Diego Bonfa and Cristian Navarro.
Fourth Official: Fernando Echenique.