River is the champion of the Generation adidas Cup The Sixth Division beat Flamengo 2-1 in the final and, for the third consecutive year, the trophy remained in hands of el Millonario.

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The Category 2000, lead by Juan José Borrelli, was crowned champion of the Generation Adidas Cup, played in Dallas, after beating Flamengo by 2-1 in the final.

Julián Álvarez was in charge of opening the scoreboard. After receiving a low center from Matías Benítez, he defined with a right kick to the goalkeeper’s post in the 11 minutes of the first half. The answer from the Brazilian team, to equal the match, arrived in the 17 minutes.

However, two minutes after the start of the second half the left wing Pedro Pavlov appeared to unbalance the result once again with a cross right-footed kick, after Sebastián Medina’s precise assist.

River resisted Flamengo’s attempts, which had numerical inferiority after suffering two sending-offs and got the cup for the third consecutive year.

In 2015, 2016 and, now, 2017, River Plate’s representatives became champions of the tournament that groups U-17 squads from all over the world, thus reaching the triple championship.

To get to the final match, River won zone C after beating Atlante United by 2-1, Málaga by 4-2 in penalties (after tying 1-1 in the 70 minutes of the game) and Colorado Rapids by 5-0.

In the semifinal, the team lead by Borrelli defeated Independiente del Valle by 3-0 to gain access to the match for the definition of the title. Julián Álvarez, with four goals, was the top scorer of the team. As for Alan Díaz, he was crowned the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

The following players are part of the champion delegation:

Julián Álvarez

Brayan Ávila

Bruno Basualdo

Matías Benítez

Franco Camargo

Alan Díaz

Tomás Galván

Lautaro Grosso

Hernán López Muñoz

Valentín Matlis

Sebastián Medina

Pedro Pavlov

Joaquín Pérez Ibáñez

Julián Rodríguez Vuotto

Valentín Sánchez Savoretti

Juan Tomicich Llanes

Francisco Tortora

Gerónimo Zapata

Coaching staff:

Coach: Juan José Borrelli

PHYSICAL TRAINER: Emilio Ariel Gonzalez

CS Coordinator: Gabriel Orlando Rodriguez

PT Coordinator: Pablo Fabian Lorenzo

Doctor: Federico Suárez Mazzone

Kit manager: Diego Alberto Ezequiel Fabre

Delegation president: Fernando Guarini

Administrative manager: Matías Ramirez

By Sergio Bogochwal.