River Extended Its Winning Streak In Sarandí It was the sixth victory in a row for El Millonario at the Superliga. It won by 3-0 against Arsenal with goals by Exequiel Palacios, Claudio Corvalán (own goal) and Juan Fernando Quintero.

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Having in mind to keep adding points to qualify to next year’s cups, River visited Arsenal this Sunday and it had a new victory, the sixth consecutive one at the Superliga.

The goals scored by Exequiel Palacios, Claudio Corvalán (own goal) and Juan Fernando Quintero allowed El Millonario to set the match during the first half with amazing effectiveness, thus getting 38 points in the tournament.

River took the initiative from the start and, 20 seconds after it began, it had its first clear opportunity after a pass by Mora through the right, but Scocco was not able to deflect the ball into the goal. Right away, a new opportunity with Scocco and two plays by Palacios in the center of the area stated River’s ruling during this first part of the match.

Arsenal approached the rival goal for the first time at minute 19, when Antilef had a one-on-one with Armani, but the goalkeeper resolved it confidently. Then, River took charge again and, after a great defense play by Mora, Exequiel Palacios scored precisely the well-deserved first goal against Velazco.

With that advantage, the team kept taking the match into the rival’s field and, although it suffered with a kick by Alanís that hit a post, at minute 35 it scored the second goal. After a header by Lollo, Corvalán tried to deflect the ball, but he defeated his own goalkeeper.

Two minutes later, the third one came with an amazing counterattack play. After a corner shot for the local team, Palacios cleared it with a header, and the ball went for Rojas, who set up Quintero. The Colombian player moved on from the center of the field and, when he was facing the goalkeeper, he combined the play with Mora, who returned the ball to him, and thus he scored to define the match.

During the second half, River controlled the time of the match and generated a few goal opportunities. Among the clearest ones, Velazco and Monteseirín blocked Borré’s opportunity to score twice, two headers by Lollo that were barely deflected, and then a foul was committed on Ferreira, but it was not seen by the referee.

In this way, the match ended with a decisive 3-0 for River, which dreams of next year’s international tournaments thanks to a present time in which it keeps winning.




Arsenal: Maximiliano Velazco; Emiliano Purita, Marcos Curado, Facundo Monteseirín, Claudio Corvalán, David Drocco, Gonzalo González Pereyra, Alejo Antilef, Gabriel Alanís, Lucas Wilchez, Diego Cháves.

SUBSTITUTES: Pablo Santillo, Mateo Carabajal, Germán Ferreyra, Federico Milo, Alexis Coman, Facundo Quintana, Sebastián Lomónaco. COACH: Sergio Rondina.

River Plate: Franco Armani; Camilo Mayada, Luciano Lollo, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Milton Casco; Exequiel Palacios, Bruno Zuculini, Ariel Rojas; Juan Fernando Quintero; Rodrigo Mora, Ignacio Scocco.

SUBSTITUTES: Enrique Bologna, Gonzalo Montiel, Javier Pinola, Iván Rossi, Cristian Ferreira, Carlos Auzqui, Rafael Borré. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Ferreyra for González, Quintana for Purita, Milo for Alanís (A); Ferreira for Mora, Borré for Scocco, Auzqui for Quintero (RP).

Booked: González (A); Martínez Quarta, Palacios, Quintero, Ferreira (RP).

Goals: 21’ PT Palacios, 35' PT Corvalán (own goal), 37' PT Quintero (RP).

Referee: Fernando Espinoza. 1st Assistant Referee: Ezequiel Brailovsky. 2nd Assistant Referee: Mariano Ruas. Fourth Official: Germán Delfino.