River evened the score towards the end and closed the group stage Marcelo Gallardo’s team welcomed Internacional de Brasil at the Monumental Stadium and the result was the same as in Porto Alegre: 2-2. The goals of the American champion were made by Julián Álvarez, opening the score, and Lucas Pratto, achieving the last-minute tie.

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The situations of distress were late in coming to the Monumental Stadium, with a quiet beginning and two teams measuring each other up, but Marcelo Gallardo’s team was clearly in control. The first opportunity arrived by Camilo Mayada’s left-footed crossed shot, after a ball from a playmaker, which was saved by Lomba.

Then, Cristian Ferreira caught a free kick that went high. However, Inter had the clearest opportunity up to that moment: Rodrigo Lindoso assisted Nicolás López with a long and precise pass, who got rid of any players marking him and kicked a low shot, which Franco Armani was ready to save, thus, defending his goal.

River continued and Lucas Pratto had his chance: after the goalkeeper blocked his shot, he caught the rebound and placed it on Julian Álvarez’s head, but the u-20 player’s celebration was cancelled near the line. Player no. 9 had his revenge and scored his first goal in the Libertadores Cup: a delicious assist from Exequiel Palacios and an even better shot that went above the goalkeeper, setting the score 1-0.

El Milionario was much better towards the end of the first half and could have widened the score, thanks to moves by Nicolás De La Cruz, Álvarez, and Pratto, but the away team evened the score almost at the end, after a long shot by Rafael Sobis.

After the interval, el Millionario was not able to repeat its first-half performance. Inter had the first opportunity, by means of a high volley by Lopez. Then, Pratto answered with a right-footed crossed shot, after a pass from De La Cruz, which passed close to Lomba’s left corner. The score became 2-1, after a penalty kick scored by Sobis, due to a fault committed by Luciano Lollo on a dead ball (Armani figured out the direction, but couldn’t block it.)

River kept on trying and De La Cruz distressed the rival goalkeeper with a shot from outside the area which grazed the right goalpost. In stoppage time, when the match was dying away, Pratto took advantage of a severe mistake made by the goalkeeper and scored the final 2-2. Thus, el Millionario closed its participation in the group stage and now awaits the draw to find out which team it will face in the Round of 16.