River ended in a goalless draw against Racing Marcelo Gallardo's team tied 0-0 in Avellaneda against Racing. On August 29, at the Monumental, they will go for the quarterfinals of CONMEBOL Libertadores.

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In the first minutes, River established a superiority in the field of play and started threatening Gabriel Arias soccer goal. First, Gonzalo Martínez tried a left-footed shoot after a counterattack and a pass from Lucas Pratto, but the rival’s goalkeeper managed to block it. Later, Racing counter attacked with a center of Renzo Saravia from the right, which did not reach its intended destination.

Then, it was Ignacio Scocco’s turn, with a shot that was deflected by the left post. Racing responded with an attempt by Lisandro López, but Lucas Martínez Quarta made a great block and Franco Armani took over without problems. In one of the best goal opportunities for “El Millonario”, Pity out run Racing’s defense, finding Scocco, but he could not manage to place his footin the right angle, wastingwhat could had been a good chance.

Javier Pinola had the next opportunity, after a corner kick, but his shot went really close to Arias right post. Racing made the last threatening play of the first half, with a right shot from Gustavo Bou that Armani blocked brilliantly. Before ending, Leonardo Ponzio was sent off for a second yellow card.

In the second half, “El Millonario” had to change its approach: Bruno Zuculini replaced Scocco to compensate for the captain's absence. This movements resulted in a successful formation, Racing presented almost no threat to the team in the final minutes and the match ended in a tie, after playing all the second half with numerical inferiority.

Armani became crucial again. Already in the stoppage time, he blocked a very difficult header by Jonatan Cristaldo. He was quick of his line throughout the game.The rematch will be on August 29, at the Monumental Stadium.


RACING CLUB: Gabriel Arias; Renzo Saravia, Leonardo Sigali, Lucas Orban, Alexis Soto; Nery Domínguez; Matías Zaracho, Neri Cardozo, Ricardo Centurión; Gustavo Bou and Lisandro López (C). DT: Eduardo Coudet.
Substitutes: Javier García, Rodrigo Schlegel, Augusto Solari, Marcelo Díaz, Guillermo Fernández, Maximiliano Cuadra and Jonatan Cristaldo.
Changes: Solari for Zaracho, Fernández for Cardozo, Cristaldo for Centurión.

RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Leonardo Ponzio (C); Exequiel Palacios,Ignacio Fernández, Gonzalo Martínez; Ignacio Scocco and Lucas Pratto. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Germán Lux, Luciano Lollo, Bruno Zuculini, Enzo Pérez, Juan Quintero, Rodrigo Mora and Rafael Borré.
Changes: Zuculini for Ponzio, Pérez for Fernández, Quintero for Martínez.

Admonished: Zaracho, Cardozo (RC); Martínez Quarta, Ponzio, Armani (RP).

Expelled: Ponzio (RP).

Referee: Anderson Daronco (Brazil).
Assistants: Marcelo Van Gasse and Rodrigo Correa (Brazil).
Fourth referee: Luiz Oliveira (Brazil).