River couldn’t do it in Liniers Marcelo Gallardo’s team lost 1-0 against Vélez, in spite of having clear situations not to leave empty-handed.

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It was Vélez the one to have the first opportunity of the match in Liniers: Mauro Zárate received the ball within the area, got ready and kicked a weak shot that Franco Armani caught downwards. River, for its part, answered with a shot in the border of the area by Lucas Pratto, which did not involve much risk in César Rigamonti’s goal.

Then, Pratto won the position within the area and kicked a good center that could not get to Ignacio Scocco; in the following one, Matías Vargas could not do it in front of Armani’s goal after a corner kick, Zárate kicked a deflected shot after an individual play and the clearest was the spectacular catch by River’s 1 of Lucas Robertone’s header.

In the second half, emotions emerged after the 15 minutes: Rodrigo Mora warned with a high free kick and then counted with another set piece: his shot hit the crossbar and bounced in the line of Rigamonti’s goal. Immediately, Enzo Pérez left sent-off for double booking and Vélez had its chance with a shot from Zárate and River answered with a good right kick from De La Cruz that Fabián Cubero could deviate.

The local got to the first one through Robertone and Gallardo’s team kept looking for the tie: Mora could not make himself ready to shot after a pass from Camilo Mayada and afterwards De La Cruz kicked a deviated shot after a an assist by Pratto. In the last one, Javier Pinola had the opportunity to score with a heel that went very near after an imprecise shot by Leonardo Ponzio.

El Millonario will make its debut on Wednesday for the Copa Libertadores, against Flamengo in Brazil, and in the weekend it will receive Chacarita at the Monumental Stadium for the Superliga.


VÉLEZ SARSFIELD: César Rigamonti; Hernán De La Fuente, Fabián Cubero (Captain), Luis Abram, Braian Cufré; Agustín Bouzat, Santiago Cáseres, Nicolás Domínguez, Lucas Robertone; Matías Vargas and Mauro Zárate. Coach: Gabriel Heinze.
Substitutes: Alan Aguerre, Marco Torsiglieri, Gastón Díaz, Jesús Méndez, Francisco Ortega, Ramiro Cáseres and Rodrigo Salinas.
Substitutions: Méndez for Domínguez, Cáseres for Robertone, Torsiglieri for Bouzat.

RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Camilo Mayada, Lucas Martínez Quarta (Captain), Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Bruno Zuculini, Enzo Pérez, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolás De La Cruz; Ignacio Scocco and Lucas Pratto. Coach: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Enrique Bologna, Jonatan Maidana, Leonardo Ponzio, Ignacio Fernández, Juan Quintero, Rodrigo Mora and Rafael Borré.
Substitutions: Ponzio for Zuculini, Mora for Scocco, Quintero for Palacios.

Goal: Robertone (VS).

Booked: Robertone, Cubero, Méndez (VS); Zuculini, Scocco, Pérez, De La Cruz, Mora (RP).

Sent off: Pérez (RP).

Referee: Mauro Vigliano.
Assistant referees: Cristian Navarro and Iván Núñez.
Fourth Official: Juan Pablo Pompei.