River Could Not Make It To The Cup’s Final Marcelo Gallardo’s team lost on the second leg of the semifinals of the Libertadores Cup by 4-2 against Lanús.

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Lanús started the match taking the lead and made Germán Lux nervous two times, with a header by Maximiliano Velázquez that got deflected and a great play by Lautaro Acosta that Gonzalo Montiel blocked. Then, El Millonario scored when it had the chance.

First, Diego Braghieri committed a foul on Nacho Fernández after a great pass by Milton Casco, which resulted in a penalty kick converted by Ignacio Scocco. Then, Montiel took advantage of a bounce by Esteban Andrada after a malicious free kick by Gonzalo Martínez, thus scoring River’s second goal with a header.

From then on, River took hold of the match. It was close to scoring the third goal with a play by Casco and a center shot that Andrada blocked, and with a free kick shot by Nacho Fernández that went above the crossbar. In addition, Iván Marcone committed a handball after a great play by Scocco, but the referees did not awarded the penalty shot to River. At the last minutes, José Sand scored a goal for Lanús with a powerful kick.

At the second half, Sand scored again and drew the match. After that, Scocco had the opportunity to score the third goal with an excellent individual play, but Andrada blocked the kick. The local team achieved its third goal thanks to Acosta, and it scored its fourth one thanks to Alejandro Silva, who shot a penalty kick.

River, now forced to score one more goal, was close with an advance by Javier Pinola, but the ball bounced off a post, with a kick by Nicolás De La Cruz, and with an attempt by Leonardo Ponzio from outside the area. Despite going after it, Gallardo’s team was not able to score that goal and it could not make it to the Libertadores Cup’s final.


LANÚS: Esteban Andrada; José Luis Gómez, Rolando García Guerreño, Diego Braghieri, Maximiliano Velázquez (C); Román Martínez, Iván Marcone, Nicolás Pasquini; Alejandro Silva, Lautaro Acosta and José Sand. COACH: Jorge Almirón.
Substitutes: Fernando Monetti, Santiago Zurbriggen, Leandro Maciel, Marcelino Moreno, Matías Rojas, Nicolás Aguirre and Gernán Denis.
Substitutions: Maciel for Martínez, Aguirre for Silva, Zurbriggen for Velázquez.

RIVER PLATE: Germán Lux; Gonzalo Montiel, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Leonardo Ponzio (C), Ariel Rojas, Enzo Pérez, Ignacio Fernández; Gonzalo Martínez and Ignacio Scocco. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Augusto Batalla, Alexander Barboza, Iván Rossi, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolás De La Cruz, Carlos Auzqui and Rafael Borré.
Substitutions: Auzqui for Pérez, De La Cruz for Rojas, Barboza for Casco.

Goals: Sand -2-, Acosta, Silva (L); Scocco, Montiel (RP).
Booked: Martínez, Braghieri, Andrada (L); Rojas, Fernández, Maidana, Montiel (RP).
Sent Off: Fernández (RP).

Referee: Wilmar Roldán (Col.).
Assistant Referees: Alexander Guzmán and Cristian de la Cruz (Col.).
Fourth Official: Víctor Carrillo (Perú).
VAR: Andrés Cunha (Uruguay).
AVAR: Gery Vargas (Bolivia).
VAR 2: Nicolás Tarán (Uruguay).