River could not do it at the Superclásico Marcelo Gallardo’s team did its best, but could not win in the Monumental Stadium.

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After an amazing welcome on behalf of River fans, who gave the Monumental Stadium a stupendous framework, the match was an entertaining back and forth. Boca had control during the first minutes and then el Millonario became the owner of the match. The first one belonged to Ignacio Scocco with an imprecise shot and the visitor answered with an attempt by Edwin Cardona that Germán Lux grabbed for a corner kick.

River bothered once again with a shot by Gonzalo Martínez and Lux caught Cardona’s free kick. In the next one, el Pity made a great play within the area, with a nutmeg included, but his shot went diverted on a rival defense. Scocco had it with an attempt from outside and Ariel Rojas made Rossi send his left-footed shot above the crossbar. However, after Ignacio Fernández was sent off due to a studs-showing tackle, Cardona shot a free kick that put 1-0 for the visitor.

In the second half, River was decided to look for the tie and Boca dedicated itself to wait and counterattack. Scocco had a clear chance after a precise long-ball from Leonardo Ponzio: the forward got ready and kicked a right cross-shot, but Rossi succeeded in avoiding the tie with a swipe on his right goalpost.

River kept trying and got to the well-deserved tie with an amazing shot by Ponzio from outside the area. Nevertheless, the visitor found the 2-1 in an isolated play after a volley from Nahitan Nández, that went in through Lux’s first goalpost.

El Millonario continued trying, but did not have clear chances to obtain a tie, which would have been the fairest result in this new edition of the Superclásico.


RIVER PLATE: Germán Lux; Gonzalo Montiel, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Leonardo Ponzio (Captain), Enzo Pérez, Ignacio Fernández, Ariel Rojas; Gonzalo Martínez and Ignacio Scocco. Coach: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Augusto Batalla, Alexander Barboza, Iván Rossi, Tomás Andrade, Nicolás De La Cruz, Carlos Auzqui and Rafael Borré.
Substitutions: De La Cruz for Rojas, Auzqui for Maidana, Borré for Pérez.

BOCA JUNIORS: Agustín Rossi; Leonardo Jara, Paolo Goltz, Lisandro Magallán, Frank Fabra; Pablo Pérez (Captain), Wilmar Barrios, Nahitan Nández, Edwin Cardona; Cristian Pavón and Darío Benedetto. Coach: Guillermo Barros Schelotto.
Substitutes: Gino Peruzzi, Santiago Vergini, Agustín Bouzat, Cristian Espinoza, Oscar Benítez and Walter Bou.
Substitutions: Peruzzi for Jara, Benítez for Benedetto, Bou for Pavón.
Goals: Ponzio (RP); Cardona, Nández (BJ).
Booked: Pérez, Pinola, Lux, Maidana, Casco, De La Cruz (RP); Nández, Pérez, Pavón, Benedetto (BJ).
Sent off: Fernández (RP); Cardona (BJ).

Referee: Néstor Pitana.
Assistant referees: Hernán Maidana and Juan Pablo Belatti.
Fourth Official: Germán Delfino.