River beated Estudiantes at the Monumental Marcelo Gallardo’s team won by 2-0 with goals by Javier Pinola and Ignacio Scocco, and classified for the Copa Sudamericana.

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Estudiantes had the first kick of the match and, ten seconds later, El  Millonario created a dengerous play. The rival defense failed to react, Rafael Borré took a bounce and, after a kick on a defense, Enzo Pérez shot it to the goal, but it hit the crossbar. Then, Franco Armani blocked a dangerous shot from the right.

River kept playing, and Gonzalo Montiel had a chance with a crossed kick. The first goal came after a good play by Juan Quintero and a better header by Pinola. After that, Estudiantes reacted, and Armani was always there. He deflected a kick to Mariano Pavone and reacted amazingly to a left kick by Carlo Lattanzio.

River also had its clear opportunities. Quintero could not take advantage of a collective play and kicked it high, and Lucas Pratto arrived in the heart of the area to head a great center shot by Quintero, but it was barely diverted.

During the second half, River kept controlling the match and had almost no surprises. Pavone had the first goal opportunity that went far from Armani’s goal, and then Pity Martínez had two clear ones. In the first one, it went above the crossbar, then he ran and tried to score, but Andujar blocked the bounce.

Gallardo put Ignacio Scocco to play, and the forward headed the ball that passed near Andujar’s right post. Then, Pratto had an amazing opportunity to score the second goal: at one-on-one with the goalkeeper, he kicked the ball, but Andujar kicked it with the tip of his toe and avoided the 2-0.

The definitive score came after a great goal by Nacho Scocco, who kicked a very powerfull shot that entered through the top part of the goal. Thus, El Millonario had a good victory, classified for the Copa Sudamericana and will close the Superliga on Monday against San Lorenzo at the Monumental.



RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Marcelo Saracchi; Leonardo Ponzio (C), Enzo Pérez, Juan Quintero; Gonzalo Martínez; Rafael Borré and Lucas Pratto. COACH: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Enrique Bologna, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Camilo Mayada, Ignacio Fernández, Exequiel Palacios, Bruno Zuculini, Ignacio Scocco and Rodrigo Mora.

Substitutions: Scocco for Borré, Fernández for Pérez, Mayada for Martínez.


ESTUDIANTES: Mariano Andújar (C); Facundo Sánchez, Jonatan Schunke, Gastón Campi, Sebastián Dubarbier; Bautista Cascini, Gastón Giménez, Lucas Rodríguez, Carlo Lattanzio; Mariano Pavone and Lucas Melano. COACH: Leandro Benítez.

Substitutes: Daniel Sappa, Fabián Noguera, Matías Ruiz Díaz, Fernando Zuqui, Andrés Escobar, Francisco Apaolaza and Nicolás Talpone. 

Substitutions: Zuqui for Cascini, Talpone for Lattanzio, Apaolaza for Rodríguez.


Goals: Pinola, Scocco (RP).

Booked: Ponzio (RP); Cascini, Campi (E).

Referee: Ariel Penel.

Assistant Referees: Gabriel Chade and Maximiliano Del Yesso.

Fourth Official: Héctor Paletta.

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