River beat Central and reached its fifth consecutive victory With goals from Rafael Borré and Lucas Pratto, el Millonario won 2-0 in front of its fans in the Monumental and continues with its winning streak in the Superliga.

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River received Rosario Central in the Monumental for the 23rd round of the tournament. El Millonario was looking for a new victory to continue in positions to qualify for the cups and, with a solid performance, it won the match 2-0.

River controlled the ball since the beginning and sought to position itself in the rival field. Nacho Fernández, one of the most active players of the first half, had the clearest chance for el Millonario in this stage, but Ledesma drowned his whoop with a great intervention. In another deep arrival from the home team in the initial chapter, the goalkeeper blocked Pratto when he was trying to define after a good pass from Scocco.

In the second half, River continued with the initiative, but it was missing the final touch to score; meanwhile, Central had a good chance in the 21’, but Armani answered very well to a header by Lovera.

In the final phase of the match, the entry of the Colombians Borré and Quintero gave River the key to score goals. In the 29’, Quintero kicked a great through ball for Pratto, who got it in the area and put the ball in the small area, where Borré appeared to define the shot and unleash the outburst of the whole Monumental.

Two minutes later, the same three protagonists built the move that defined the match: another exact pass from Quintero found on the right Borré’s shift, who put the ball in the middle for Pratto’s entry, who evaded the opponent and, almost from the floor, hit a cross shot to score the final 2-0.

Since there till the end, there was time for another great catch of Armani (this time, blocking Ruben’s attempt) and new arrivals from River, but the result was not modified and the fans of The Greatest, who populated the four sides of the Monumental, closed the afternoon celebrating.

Thus, River got to the line of 35 points in the tournament, dreams with qualifying to the cups and keeps rekindling its football.


RIVER PLATE: Franco Armani; Camilo Mayada, Lucas Martínez Quarta (Captain), Luciano Lollo, Marcelo Saracchi; Ignacio Fernández, Bruno Zuculini, Enzo Pérez, Gonzalo Martínez; Ignacio Scocco, Lucas Pratto. Coach: Marcelo Gallardo.
Substitutes: Germán Lux, Jonatan Maidana, Gonzalo Montiel, Juan Fernando Quintero, Leonardo Ponzio, Rodrigo Mora, Rafael Borré.
Substitutions: Borré for Scocco, Quintero for Fernández, Mora for Pratto. 

ROSARIO CENTRAL: Jeremías Ledesma; Paulo Ferrari (Captain), Fernando Tobio, Óscar Cabezas, Alfonso Parot; Andrés Lioi, Mauricio Martínez, Joaquín Pereyra, José Luis Fernández; Maximiliano Lovera, Fernando Zampedri. Coach: Leonardo Fernández.
Substitutes: Emilio Di Fulvio, Luciano Recalde, Joel López Pissano, Washington Camacho, Federico Carrizo, Germán Herrera, Marco Ruben.
Substitutions: Carrizo for Cabezas, Ruben for Zampedri, Pissano for Fernández.

Goals: Borré (RIV); Pratto (RIV).

Booked: Scocco, Zuculini (RIV); Pereyra, Cabezas, Zampedri, Lioi, López Pissano (CEN).

Referee: Fernando Rapallini.

Assistant referees: Gustavo Rossi and Maximiliano Del Yesso.

Fourth Official: Andrés Merlos.