River beat Alianza Lima in an impeccable night Marcelo Gallardo’s team asserted its hierarchy and beat the Peruvian team 3-0 (Matías Suárez, Lucas Martínez Quarta y Nicolás De La Cruz). Thus, it secured a spot in Group A for the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup.

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El Millionario rapidly took control of the match and Nicolás De La Cruz handled the ball whenever Pedro Gallese reached the goal area. The first opportunity was exactly at the feet of the Uruguayan player who attempted a shot from the outside which deflected.

In his next attempt, De La Cruz made a good individual play and set up Matías Suarez, who caught the ball and took a right-footed shot setting the score 1-0. The Uruguayan player threatened again by means of play: he moved to the left but his shot was blocked and Lucas Pratto tried to take advantage of the rebound, but couldn’t score.

River took advantage of a penalty to widen their lead, after a foul on De La Cruz (after a good pass towards the goalpost by Gonzalo Montiel), but Pratto’s powerful right-footed kick went over the crossbar. In America’s champion’s last attempt, Bruno Zuculini wasn’t able to head a cross by Nacho Fernández and Alianza Lima disturbed Germán Lux with a high ball by Kevin Quevedo.

In the second half, River’s superiority became even more evident: Montiel was the first who attempted to score by means of a right-footed crossed shot that passed just outside Gallese’s right sidebar. Then, Pratto made a great individual move and left the ball to Nacho, but the midfielder did not make a precise pass.

Nacho Fernández was precise when shooting a cross aimed at the head of Lucas Martínez Quarta who, with his heart pounding, scored a well-deserved 2-0. And River went for more: after a fantastic heel kick by Suárez, De La Cruz decided to pass the ball instead of kicking it and el Millionario missed the opportunity to celebrate a third goal. In another move, Pratto kicked a high ball after a pass by Suárez.

After several chances to score, the goal came by means of De La Cruz’s left-footed shot: in extra-time, the Uruguayan player took a spectacular left-footed shot making the score 3-0. This represented an important victory for River regarding what’s to come.

Next matchday, April 24th, Gallardo’s team will visit Palestino in Chile to secure its spot in the Libertadores Cup round of 18. But first, on Wednesday, April 17th, the team will play its first match for the Argentine Cup against Argentino de Merlo, in Salta.