‘I Would Like to Continue in River’, Gallardo Said. The coach confirmed he wants to stay in the Greatest and that he is at the four candidates’ disposal in the context of the presidential elections in December.

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This Friday morning, after the team’s practice at River Camp, Marcelo Gallardo held a press conference and said that he wants to continue as coach of the team for next year.

‘I would like to continue in River and I am at the four candidates’ disposal in the context of the elections next December. We have to keep looking into the future, we still have many important things to do’, the coach said.

Then, he added: ‘we work thinking of the future. This Sunday we will play for an opportunity to go to the final of the Argentine Cup. We are focused on winning, and I am very convinced of my mindset. We have to be calm, quiet and look for the best alternatives’.

Then he explained the reasons for his decision: ‘it is the common sense of belonging to the Club. I feel I have the desire, the will, the energy and the challenges. When a person feels all that, it is reasonable to feel this way. From my place, I have the desire and the hope to continue. I am very happy to be here, I am grateful for all these years of trust and affection. I have a strong commitment with River and with the fans’.

‘If the ones at River that care about me are happy with my decision, then I am happy too. The defeats do not beat me; they make me more alert and stronger. To relax is the worst that we could do’, he concluded.

Regarding the match this Sunday in Mendoza, he said: ‘we always feel the obligation to win. We hope we can do it. Clearly, we are the favorite team and the candidates for the victory. Morón has defended itself very well in the last matches and it plays well. We will be the one responsible to create the opportunities to score. We have to be patient and smart’.