Great succes of the sixth At the start of the tournament, the team led by Juan Jose Vidal thrashed 3-0 at Estudiantes de La Plata in the land of Ezeiza.

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Since the start of the first time, we saw a starring River, which had the movement of the ball and in the first actions showed danger to the visitor goal opponent, but not with due efficiency.

At 20 minutes, Zuccarelli received a cross and after being hand by hand with the keeper, feinted with great quality and put the 1-0.
In the second stage, River kept the pace of the game and did not suffer any defensive decoupling, so students did not create danger in the goal of Thomas Sotelo.

When there were 25 minutes to the end of the match, River marked the second goal thanks to Valentino Cernaz, who make good performances whenever he has to play.

Finally, Franco López had more time than anyone in the area and feint twice the visitors" keeper that served to put the final 3-0 with a real goal.

The team led technically by Juan Jose Vidal had an auspicious debut, the defense was very solid, very creative medium and their forward showed great mobility.

River: Sotelo, Brondino, Vivanco, Fernandez, Olivo, Cibille, López, Yáñez, Ziccarelli, Amarilla and Vera.
Changes: Cernaz by Zuccarelli and Barrios by Vera.

By Juan Martín Varesini.